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2017: Тонизирующий бренд IBM Power Systems

As a result of your feedback and market research, we are investing in the IBM Power Systems brand. And as we launch IBM Cognitive Systems and embark on the next chapter of our IBM Power Systems transformation, we will strengthen our investment in the IBM Power Systems brand.

There are three critical elements to this investment:

  1. Defining who we are and what we do that is unique.
  2. Articulating the problems that we solve for our clients.
  3. Increasing awareness, consideration and demand for IBM Power Systems.

Power Systems is the leading platform for enterprise data analytics applications as well as the best system for AI.

IBM Cognitive Systems is a “technology category” that includes capabilities such as advanced AI, machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing to support expanding traditional and cognitive workloads. This category is how we will reorient to meet the needs of our clients as they start their own cognitive transformations. While IBM Power Systems is the foundation of IBM Cognitive Systems, Cognitive Systems is bigger than just Power Systems.

Data-intensive workloads, like analytics and AI, demand differentiated servers.

Commodity x86-based servers don’t cut it. Organizations are looking for ways to deliver competitive advantage in the market. They want to prevent fraud, personalize the customer experience and optimize their supply chain. By embracing innovation in the data center, IT leaders can become the deep learning and machine learning heroes that help propel an organization as they embark on their cognitive transformation journey.

Increasing consideration for our brand starts with expanding our reach to potential and existing clients in the places where they engage.

This is why we are focused on reaching new audiences—and expanding the awareness and consideration for IBM Power Systems—through digital marketing. In Q4, in conjunction with Cyber Monday, we launched a digital advertising strategy that focused on positioning Power Systems as the “best server for AI.” This advertising strategy continues in 2017 with creative updates coming in Q2.

But it’s important to remember that an integrated marketing strategy also includes “non-digital” engagements such as PR, события, print media and out-of-home advertising. Because of our PR and social media activities last year, we were #1 share of voice at major industry events including ISC and GTC.

We also took over the Salt Lake City airport during Supercomputing last November as a way to increase awareness with the HPC market. В 2017, you will see us dial up our presence at key industry events like DataWorks, MongoDB World, ISC, GTC, Supercomputing and more.

We will continue this investment in marketing in 2017 and we need your help to reach more potential clients. Follow us on social media and help us spread the word. Вы можете также препятствовали мне знать что вы думаете, используя функцию комментарии ниже.

Kimberly Storin (@kimberlystorin)
VP Marketing, IBM Power Systems


Kimberly Storin is the VP of Marketing for IBM Cogntive Systems and IBM Power Systems, ведущая серверная платформа для аналитических корпоративных данных и приложений искусственного интеллекта. Она ведет по всему миру бренд, маркетинг и содержание стратегии.

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