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Accelera il tuo 2019 successo con la gestione e la Piattaforma!

managemetn and platform

Thank you to everyone who took the opportunity to attend IBM Think, IBM PartnerWorld at Think or any of the IBM Fast Start sessions. These events were a great place to network, and they all offered amazing opportunities to sharpen our technical and sales skills.

The IBM Business Partner community is an integral part of our sales ecosystem, and we received great feedback on the events. Thank you to all who provided feedback. You can expect to see more collaboration as we accelerate through 2019.

Our PartnerWorld IBM Cloud web pages have many risorse available to you, including all of the Fast Start session materials under the “What’s happening in Cloud” section. We’ve also just added an Ecosystem pull-down menu with links to new CSP e ISV pagine. Use these resources to help your clients and your prospects.

Our focus and ongoing value proposition

Application modernization continues to be our focus for 2019. Understanding the IBM Management and Platform strategy and being able to share it with prospects and clients are critical for everyone, regardless of where they are in their cloud journey. We want to team up with you to retain and grow the client base, gain new clients and accelerate the adoption of our technology. IBM has the complete story for our clients, and keeping pace and sharing our knowledge in this time of tremendous change in our industry is vital.

We had several new product announcements in Q1, highlighted by the release of the IBM Cloud Application Platform. We also delivered several webinars and provided new content listed later in this post. Please work with your IBM partner reps, leverage co-marketing to drive pipeline, and provide feedback to our team and offering management so we can jointly achieve our 2019 goals. Our value proposition continues to benefit all clients, and it can drive your success with both license and services revenue.

We are also excited to share that the IBM Mobile Foundation offering—aka the MobileFirst Platform—is moving to the Hybrid Cloud Integration business as part of the Management and Platform team. All clients need a mobile solution, and IBM Mobile Foundation is an important infrastructure component for enterprise clients. Clear synergies exist in the work that is taking place between the Mobile Foundation and Hybrid Cloud Integration teams that extend our application modernization story.

The Mobile Foundation platform enables innovations from Apple, Google and Microsoft platforms—integrated with enterprise back ends—along with the security, governance, management and scale our clients need. Clients can accelerate their mobile development and deployment with analytics and management to help drive faster innovation than ever and deliver value to clients.

A one-stop shop for everything technical

Il IBM Cloud Private: Channel Technical Enablement Guide includes videos, demo accounts, presentazioni, laboratori, casi d'uso, badges and so on—it’s all there. Inoltre, you can find information on upcoming channel IBM Cloud Private (ICP) workshops and boot camps. We also have these exciting new reports for you, your customers and your prospects:

Kimberly Overbay è direttore, Le vendite in tutto il mondo per la gestione cloud IBM ibrida & piattaforma. Lei ha più 22 anni di esperienza che utilizza la tecnologia per ottenere risultati di business. Sig.ra. Overbay è responsabile delle vendite e delle operazioni compiute premio di IBM vincente Application Platform (È STATO & ICP), DevOps e di gestione offrendo portafogli in corso 130 paesi in tutto il mondo.

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