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L'accès aux solutions SaaS avec IBM Value Package-sans frais supplémentaires!

Many IBM Business Partners have expressed a keen interest in accessing XaaS environments for various purposes such as developing solutions, running sales demos and conducting training. We have listened—and as a result, we are launching an exciting enhancement for you on IBM Cloud.

I’m excited to announce that five Extended XaaS Trials are now available as part of the IBM Value Package.

Many of you have been leveraging IBM Value Package benefits to attain the skills necessary for IBM Channel Value Rewards, and are using the on-premises Software Access Catalog to build, test and evaluate solutions, as well as to develop customer demonstrations.

The IBM Value Package now includes exclusive access to extended 12-month trials for selected XaaS services for those of you who have active Value Pack subscriptions. This provides Value Subscribers with an uninterrupted and on-demand trial environment for sandboxes, demos and training with XaaS offerings to help accelerate XaaS sales and cloud adoption with clients. Currently, le Extended XaaS Trials include the following solutions, with more coming soon in Q4.

IBM Cloud offerings available:

  1. Aspera Files
  2. Blueworks Live
  3. cloud Video
  4. Watson Analytics Professional
  5. Workload Automation

IBM Cloud offerings coming soon:

  1. Watson Workspace Essentials
  2. Data Science Experience

For those who have not yet subscribed to the IBM Value Package, be sure to take a look at all of the benefits that the package provides. Sign up today to gain access to this great new resource.

De plus,, Bluemix Service Credits (from USD 1,200 a year for qualified registered partners up to USD 6,000 a year for Platinum partners) are available to any IBM Business Partner to consume any of the Bluemix Services, currently more than 150 and growing. This is another investment from IBM to help you, nos partenaires d'affaires, develop your skills, solutions and customer assets on IBM Cloud.

If you need help or are unsure who to contact to get started, these worldwide Cloud Channels SaaS team members can provide the assistance you need.

Worldwide Cloud Channel Sales Team:

Please comment below if there are topics you would like us to address in our blog series.

Laurie Evans (@lolobevans)
Vice Président, Partenaires commerciaux et Innovation Canal
IBM Cloud, Channel Sales

Laurie Evans est vice-président, Partenaires commerciaux et Innovation Canal, Sales Cloud IBM Canal. Elle est responsable de la stratégie Business Partner et de l'exécution des ventes dans le monde entier. L'équipe de Laurie conduit la direction stratégique de tous les types partenaires d'affaires, y compris VADs, Revendeurs, Partenaires SaaS, Éditeurs de logiciels, Projets de moyenne envergure, Et CSPs SEEE. Laurie a récemment rejoint IBM et a plus 24 années d'expérience dans la vente directe et canal, OEM et Alliances.

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