Add One More Social Profile to Your Digital Presence: Your PartnerWorld Profile

If you’re like most businesses, social media is playing a growing role in your digital presence. In fact, if prospective customers find you on the Internet, it’s increasingly likely they are going to check your company out on LinkedIn, Facebook or your blog before they ever think of emailing or calling you.

Recognizing this, IBM now provides the ability to add your key branded social media properties to your company profile in the PartnerWorld Profile System.  By adding these properties to your PartnerWorld profile, you’ll be raising visibility on your social spaces with IBMers and prospective clients.  We plan to surface this contact information in our IBM Business Partner Locator so that clients can easily connect with you via social media, but we need you to update your profile first.  (Incidentally, if your company is not showing up in the locator, refer to a previous post of mine, How to Make Sure Your Company is Listed in IBM’s Business Partner Locator.)

Here’s how to make the updates:

    1. Visit PartnerWorld via this link and click “Update your company profile.”  Please note that only the Primary Relationship Contact (PRC) or an Authorized Profile Administrator (APA) will have this access. If you would like to get this information added and do not know who has these roles for your company, please contact PartnerWorld for assistance.
    2. Click on Add a country enterprise, Company general information.  There you will see several generic social media fields, as shown in the following illustration:

      1. Add the URLs for the social media properties you would like to share. We recommend that you add branded corporate social media accounts, not the personal accounts of individual users within your company.  In addition, since these are accounts that will be viewed by prospective clients, you should choose only your most active and compelling properties.
      2. Make sure you click “Save” to finalize your updates.

As you can see, updating your profile is fairly simple, but if you do need extra help, you can utilize these brief tutorials, or you can always get assistance from PartnerWorld Contact Services.

For more information on how you can begin leveraging social media as part of your digital presence, you can sign up for IBM’s Social Media Boot Camp for Business Partners. My colleague, Leslie Reiser, talks more about them in a previous post: Social Enterprise: Boot Camp and Beyond.

Jacqi Levy (@jacqilevy)

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