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АНАЛИТИКА Исполнительный перспектива Инфраструктура Во всем мире

Анонсирован новый IBM POWER9 образования дорожной карты для бизнес-партнеров

The wait is finally over—IBM is shipping the next-generation Power Systems™ servers incorporating the newly designed POWER9™ processor. With a completely refreshed product line, we are pleased to announce a newly developed Education Roadmap for Business Partners that will allow your firm to develop the skills that are sure to deliver maximum value to clients.

Want to help usher clients into the Cognitive Era with the IBM® Power System™ Accelerated Compute Server (AC922), which was built from the ground up for enterprise AI? Perhaps you want to provide your clients with leadership capabilities in non-accelerated compute spaces, such as in-memory databases, advanced analytics and cloud environments available across the rest of the product line? Either way, there has never been a better time to start refreshing your knowledge base.

The diversity of possibilities for IBM Power Systems presents an incredible opportunity for you, наших бизнес партнеров, to find success in many different ways. It’s important that your firm has choices on which skills to develop, and the ability to define your own path for selling IBM Power Systems. Ты можешь watch the replay of our recent webcast and download our PPT deck here.

In the new IBM POWER9 Education Roadmap for Business Partners, there are both large and small skill development options that can be used for creating a learning journey that will enable Business Partner firms to develop the skills that are most relevant for their businesses. The individual components of the roadmap are eligible for credit within different Business Partner incentive programs, which gives you a double benefit for completing the education!

POWER9 Authorization to Sell will go into effect on August 1, 2018 for existing Business Partner firms selling at the P3 level, who will have until January 31, 2019 to fulfill the education components of those requirements. New Business Partner firms in the P3 level will have 90 days after August 1, 2018 (or the date when they sign their Business Partner Agreement, whichever comes later), to complete the education components for Authorization to Sell.

Business Partner firms selling at the P1 and P2 levels, can use the IBM POWER9 Education Roadmap to meet the education requirements for other incentive programs such as Know Your IBM (ЧЖИ), as well as the Business Partner Growth Incentive (PGI).

В дополнение, all Business Partner firms are eligible to use the IBM POWER9 Education Roadmap as a guide for participating in the Server Systems Competency program, at both the Specialist and Expert levels.

Business Partners selling IBM Power Systems should consult with their local IBM representative to discuss the education and incentive programs that are appropriate for their individual needs.

There is no better time to collaborate with your clients as they transform their business to harness the strategic value of using AI, manage their clouds strategically and optimize their databases with IBM Power Systems. So I encourage you to utilize the education roadmaps and incentive programs to help ensure a competitive advantage in your markets today!

Стейси Мейсон @IBMPowerSystems
Вице-президент, Worldwide Cognitive Systems Channels

Стейси Мейсон является вице-президентом, Во всем мире Power Systems Каналы. MS. Мейсон отвечает за ходовые качества канала для Power Systems, а также новые предложения когнитивных систем.

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