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Generating Demand Worldwide

Are you getting the awareness and leads that you need from your marketing?

Compare your personal shopping today to shopping 10, 20, 30 years ago.

If you are looking for a new car, do you head straight for a car dealership or do you research the features, safety and prices online? If you want a new cell phone, do you rush straight out to the cell-phone store in the mall or use the “compare” feature on your provider’s website to evaluate the models? If you want to engage a new plumber, do you go on a social media site and look for recommendations? Do you expect that your online retailer is monitoring your purchases and recommending new things you might like? You get the picture… but even though we personally experience “digital marketing” every day on a consumer level, many B2B solution providers have limited digital marketing capabilities. Setting up breakfast meetings, attending trade shows and relying on referrals may be able to keep business demand going, but is it enough?

These traditional marketing techniques and campaigns aren’t bad, but to compete effectively in today’s market you need to do more. The same basic principles that have driven our consumer purchase behavior have fundamentally changed how B2B buys IT.

The question is then how to leverage digital marketing at a scale that is appropriate for your organization. You can do everything from building your own in-house marketing organization to outsourcing your marketing to an agency. One of the benefits of working with IBM is that we can assist you across this entire spectrum.

One of the ways IBM is assisting Business Partners that have marketing resource—even very limited marketing resource—is the IBM Digital Content Marketing (DCM) suite. There are three basic functions in DCM:

  1. Web Content Syndication provides IBM content in multiple languages delivered automatically to your website
  2. Email Marketing offers customizable and trackable email marketing campaigns for your business
  3. Social automation is your one-stop shop for curating, scheduling and posting social content for lead generation using IBM best practices

We’ve had a multi-fold increase in the number of Business Partners leveraging DCM over the past years to create and drive their own customized digital marketing campaigns with content from across IBM including software, hardware, services and financing offers.

Here’s what Jutta Kamp, Marketing Manager for Ardenta Limited (an IBM Business Partner) had to say about IBM’s Digital Content Marketing tools: “It really couldn’t be simpler! I had a ready-made campaign with an authoritative and compelling message, ready to be delivered with our company brand attached to it. Plus, the social automation tool, coupled with the ability to pick and choose the topics relevant to our business, and then schedule the posts involved the fewest clicks, all the while keeping me in charge of what is being shared. This has got to be the most supportive marketing offering you can find!”

Interested? Take a look at the video to learn more or jump right in and register on the IBM Digital Content Marketing page. If you need help setting it up, reach out to the help desk at [email protected] and use the comments feature below to tell me what you think!

Debbie Black

Follow these Twitter handles to stay connected with us: @IBMPartners, @debblack, @debbieks

Debbie’s role is to enable #IBMPartners to develop new leads and close business. She is responsible for programs that help business partners increase their marketing results including software co-marketing, digital & social marketing, partnerships with agencies. In her IBM career, Debbie has led teams across a broad spectrum marketing disciplines for IBM from product marketing, market strategy & management to marketing communications. Debbie joined IBM in 1998.

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