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Evan Braun, Vice President, Commercial Client Segment, IBM Digital Business Group. Evan is responsible for strategy and execution of our Commercial segment, including Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), through the integration of skilled sellers, business partners, marketing and leveraging traditional, digital, social and online channels. With over 30 years in the technology industry, Evan is a proven sales and operations leader focused on leveraging the digital transformation in the marketplace to deliver hyper-growth globally for IBM's Commercial Client segment.







  • Bruce, Thanks for sharing great insights re: the work that your team is driving for our Cloud Service Providers. I look forward to joining the 2019 Cloud Service Providers Best Practices Webinar on Jan 15th. Markesha Hill Clausell

    by Markesha Hill Clausell

  • Tim, the Skytap team is really looking forward to Think 2019! The unparalleled access to IBM product and technical SME’s as well as clients and other partners makes this a premier event. We are looking forward to sharing our Power Cloud story and how we can help migrate and modernize enterprise applications in the cloud.

    by Don Thomas

  • Thanks Christine for sharing your experience @Think event - great to hear your voice in IBM Business Partner Voices blog and the way you encourage other partners to leverage Think to build connections/relationships and to be prepared for the big changes that technology brings to us.. See you @ Think 2019!

    by Zayrus Romero