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Kimberly Overbay is Director, Worldwide Sales for IBM Hybrid Cloud Management & Platform. She has over 22 years of experience utilizing technology to achieve business results. Mrs. Overbay is responsible for sales and operations over IBM’s award winning Application Platform (WAS & ICP), DevOps and Management offering portfolios in over 130 countries around the world.







  • Bruce, Thanks for sharing great insights re: the work that your team is driving for our Cloud Service Providers. I look forward to joining the 2019 Cloud Service Providers Best Practices Webinar on Jan 15th. Markesha Hill Clausell

    by Markesha Hill Clausell

  • Tim, the Skytap team is really looking forward to Think 2019! The unparalleled access to IBM product and technical SME’s as well as clients and other partners makes this a premier event. We are looking forward to sharing our Power Cloud story and how we can help migrate and modernize enterprise applications in the cloud.

    by Don Thomas

  • Thanks Christine for sharing your experience @Think event - great to hear your voice in IBM Business Partner Voices blog and the way you encourage other partners to leverage Think to build connections/relationships and to be prepared for the big changes that technology brings to us.. See you @ Think 2019!

    by Zayrus Romero