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Be armed with facts about Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 v3 Family vs. Power Systems

On May 5th, Intel announced the release of Xeon Processor E7 v3 Family. At their announcement, they made inaccurate statements about Power Systems market share and ecosystem, OpenPOWER comparison to OpenSPARC, and server performance/utilization.

Know the facts and engage your clients with the real success story – Power Systems!


#1. Power Systems leads the world in scalable systems for data.

  • Power Systems are #1 in revenue (45%) in the scalable systems market, and remains the top choice by clients for these systems.
  • According to IDC, Power Systems are the 8-socket and above revenue-leader, with 45 percent of the market (minus z Systems). In fact, the world’s largest institutions, which heavily rely on Big Data, run on Power Systems:
    • 10 of the top 10 Banks
    • 10 of the top 10 Telcos
    • 8 of the top 10 Insurers
    • 8 of the top 10 Retailers

#2. OpenPOWER is BOLD; an unprecedented move that is industry-led and community-driven.

  • IBM is investing $3B to push the limits of silicon technology to 7 nanometers and below and create a post-silicon future.
  • Our ecosystem, driven by open collaborative innovation, continues to grow as OpenPOWER Foundation membership soars to more than 120 industry members.
  • Comparisons to the failure of OpenSPARC have no validity:
    • OpenSPARC was targeted at universities and had only 8 partners.
    • OpenSPARC failed because it was based on NEW SPARC T1/T2 niche technology.
    • Open SPARC failed because Sun Microsystems failed — when Oracle bought Sun they shut down OpenSPARC because Oracle’s strategy is closed!

#3. POWER8 is thriving. Power Systems continue to deliver unparalleled results.

  • Virtualization without limits. Security without doubt.
    • Accelerate big data insights with big memory (up to 16TB of memory and 192 cores/1536 threads on Power Systems E870 and E880).
    • Optimized to run core, mission-critical applications alongside emerging business applications.
  • Major databases have come to Power because clients demand it.
    • IBM Power Systems have consistently shown SAP performance leadership, with twice the SAP user capacity on POWER8 compared to x86.
    • SAP HANA in-memory analytics now runs on all POWER8 servers.
  • Delivering unprecedented perfect linear scaling with Enterprise Power Systems
    • Other systems encounter virtualization overhead and diminishing returns when scaling up.
    • Doubling the capacity of a POWER8-based system running DB2 BLU yielded double the performance, all the way up to 192 processor cores.

Compete successfully and address competitive claims with facts using this Power vs. Intel Battlecard. As always, if you need WW help send email to WW Server Escalation at: [email protected]. And you can let me know what you think using the comments feature below.

Here’s to our continued selling success!

Dave Carlquist
Vice President, IBM Systems
Global Business Partners

Dave Carlquist is vice president of Worldwide Channels, Systems and Technology Group. In that role, he is responsible for providing the leadership necessary to transform IBM’s engagement, opportunity development and selling experience with and for our Business Partners. Mr. Carlquist joined IBM in 1982 and has worked in a broad range of roles within sales, marketing, services and business development.

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