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Generating Demand NORTH AMERICA Transformation Worldwide

Business Transformation insights from IBM Canadian Business Partners

business transformation

A month ago, IBM Canada hosted its second IBM Business Transformation Workshop with IBM Business Partners in Toronto and what a great turnout it was—we had a room filled with CEOs, CFOs and sales executives.

The Business Transformation workshop, presented by ChannelCorp, confirmed to us that many of you, as IBM Business Partners, are recognizing that your customers are demanding new ways to consume technology. The workshop also raised a lot of interesting questions. As IBMers, our role is to help you on this transformation journey so you remain economically viable (we want and need a healthy channel) and are able to successfully sell IBM “as-a-service” offerings under various business models.

Business Transformation speaks loudly to all roles within a company—and depending on where you are on your journey, you may find that you are asking yourselves some of these questions today:

  • As a CEO, what is the impact to my business if I don’t invest in Cloud/software as a service (SaaS)?
  • As a sales executive, are my sales teams comfortable in selling SaaS, and can they engage in an elevator pitch on our value proposition?
  • As a CFO, have I looked into IBM Global Financing Solutions to provide the financial flexibility I need?
  • As a marketer, have I started putting a digital marketing plan in place that will support our business transformation to reach these new customers?


Here are some of the key insights and takeaways from our Canadian IBM Business Partners that attended the most recent workshop:

Since its inception, Knowledge Providers Inc. has been focused on delivering value to our customers, employees and Business Partners. The current and future value of the SaaS component of our business is and will be two to four times higher than our traditional on-premises software sales model. In order to increase the long-term value for our company, we must migrate to this model as soon as possible.” — Benny Cohen, President, Knowledge Providers Inc.

The premise of the workshop was structured on the development of building business using other revenue models apart from the traditional VAR strategies. In particular, the discussion of Cloud revenue was solidifying as My Blue Umbrella was able to develop our cloud practice well over a decade ago with the recent adaptation of IBM® PureFlex® a few years back. I particularly enjoy the keynote’s view on the rate of return and the time frame of those returns, which allowed me to see where our shortfalls were and immediately develop a new plan to rectify our current growth strategy. It’s incredible what a single-day event with key-driven consultants can do to assist business strategy and developments. The workshop did exactly that for me as the CEO of My Blue Umbrella.” — Michael Contento, CEO, My Blue Umbrella

The session addressed the precise questions all businesses need to proactively plan for to not only survive but thrive in a cloud-driven world. Challenging the status quo thinking is always difficult and the team did an incredible job in helping to break patterned thinking to create a brand new way to move forward with all the details of the recipe for success fully planned out.” — Michael Langton, Managing Director, Newcomp Analytics

Things are definitely changing fast. So as you look to transition your business, consider these important next steps:

  1. Visit PartnerWorld University for a review of the ChannelCorp content presented: ”Introduction to the BTI Webinar Series.”


  1. Participate in our monthly webcasts that educate and enable our Business Partners and value-added distributors (VADs) on SaaS. Registration details are below.


  1. Know your IBM Village. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your IBM Channel Representative, VAD team or marketing team for support as we take this journey by your side.


Please feel free to share your feedback with me by using the comments feature below.

Joe Sehl
IBM Director Canada Business Partners

Joe Sehl is the IBM Director for Canada Business Partners. Joe is an IBM Executive with 25+ years of experience working with clients on information technology solutions. Joe has enjoyed multiple assignments in IBM across many disciplines—finance, sales, business management, leadership, financing—which has enabled him to lead a multidisciplinary team focused on bringing valuable solutions to his clients. His latest assignment is leading the Business Partner team for Canada. His team’s focus will be to enable their client's success by combining IBM solutions with those of the Canadian Business Partners and demonstrating the incredible opportunity and value inherent in the intersection of secure cloud technology, mobile solutions and analytics.

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