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ANALYTICS Generating Demand Transformação Em todo o mundo

Seus clientes estão usando a ciência de dados para transformar seus negócios ... é você?

Data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence are key buzzwords in the business world today—and with good reason. The value these technologies provide to disrupt companies is of much greater magnitude than many other technology investments. O 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science Platforms adds more credence to the growing importance of these technologies, and recognizes IBM as a leader in both the completeness of its vision and its ability to execute.

You may be surprised to learn that your clients are already building teams of data scientists consisting of data mining professionals, citizen analytics, data engineers and operations research professionals. They are already building models using SPSS, CPLEX, R, Python and Scala and leveraging Apache Spark. Consequently, this presents a unique opportunity for you as IBM Business Partners to share the value and strength of the IBM Data Science portfolio with new and existing clients.

We have simplified the process for new and existing Business Partners to get into the data science game. Start by gastos 10 minutes learning the basics. When you are ready to get serious, visit PartnerWorld and find out about the Data Science Buffet. The Data Science Buffet sales play is now being successfully used by Business Partners to accelerate conversations with clients and prospects on the topic of data science. All of the conversation guides, tactics and attractive client discounts have been simplified and put into one easy-to-follow deck.

You can also access a recent webinar replay to learn what every IBM Analytics Business Partner needs to know about marketing and selling the IBM Data Science portfolio.

We’ve received feedback that some of you are searching for more ways to build pipeline. Accordingly, the Data Science Marketing team went to work—and I’m pleased to share that we have a brand-new campaign that has been put into the Digital Content Marketing tool and is ready for Business Partners! Fresh content and offers are added weekly to help drive clients to your website. You can start using the Enterprise Data Science (EDS) campaign today; it’s offered at no cost and only takes a few minutes to set up, so I encourage you to make the most of this benefit.

The Data Science Buffet and Enterprise Data Science campaigns are built to allow Business Partners to share the value and strength of the IBM Data Science portfolio with new and existing clients. They can be used for clients of all sizes, industries and locations around the globe. Assim sendo, this is a great time to get new clients started with data science and expand existing clients by offering a discount for purchasing licenses of our data sciences offerings.

Keep an eye out for our ongoing enablement sessions to help you engage clients on data science and close deals. Let’s make the most of this hot topic and close more opportunities! Você pode deixe-me saber o que você pensa, usando o recurso de comentários abaixo.

Russ Milan @RussMilano
Estratégia Global Business Partner, Vendas & Sucesso
Ciência dados & Aprendizado de máquina, IBM Analytics

Russ Milano é responsável pela Estratégia Global Business Partner, Vendas & Sucesso para a Ciência Dados & Aprendizado de Máquina na organização Worldwide Business Partner da IBM. Ele se concentra no sucesso parceiros de negócio através da partilha de melhores práticas em vendas, o crescimento de desenvolvimento de negócios e as habilidades. Como um líder na equipe IBM Analytics, Russ gasta seu tempo com parceiros que vendem análise preditiva (SPSS), otimização decisão (CPLEX), ciência de dados e aprendizagem de máquina. Sua experiência em vendas, marketing, serviços profissionais e gerenciamento de produtos resultou em crescimento dramático para as empresas em que ele trabalhou.

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