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CLOUD Executive Perspective Worldwide

Providing cloud service providers with insights on business strategy

By now, you’ve hopefully heard of the IBM Systems Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Growth Initiative. We’ve been talking about how IBM can help you in your journey toward operational growth for a few months. We’ve presented a best-practices webinar and prepared a helpful playbook.

Now, we want to talk to you more about how IBM technologies and services help you reduce your delivery and marketing costs and drive profitability. Our experts have created eight informative videos that explain our perspective and how we think you should envision—and plan—your future.

Throughout the video series, you’ll hear how to gain access to market data, market insights and market trends in order to help you drive your data center to a more profitable place. You’ll learn more about the challenges and choices that you need to make to help bring value to your business strategy. We describe in detail what it takes to be more efficient than ever before, and how to remain relevant going forward. These videos take only a few minutes each to view and will inspire hours of informed strategic thinking.

We will continue to make assets and social marketing techniques available—you can use these assets as an essential element of your cloud services success, profitability and relevance. Be sure to check back with us often. In the meantime, take a few minutes to watch the IBM Systems Growth Initiative video series.

Bruce Maule
Vice President, Ecosystem Marketing, IBM Systems

Bruce Maule is Vice President, Ecosystem Marketing - IBM Systems. In this role, Bruce has responsibility for the design and execution of worldwide channel and marketing programs for IBM Partners that sell and support IBM Systems hardware and software offerings. He also leads several programs designed to assist influencers, whose solutions are built on IBM Systems offerings, to grow more rapidly. He is a leader in Digital Marketing and helps Partners to transform their marketing activities to digital.

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