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Perspectiva do executiva Generating Demand Infra-estrutura Transformação Em todo o mundo

IBM Systems: Competir na economia conectado e outthink o status quo

In today’s fast-changing and connected digital world, digital is no longer the final destination; it is now the foundation for a new era of cognitive business. In the new digitally connected economy, value is created through the technology-enabled links between people, machines and organizations.

To compete and succeed in this connected economy, business partners must outthink the status quo. The next generation of IT leaders, once viewed solely as technicians, must now embrace their roles as trusted C-suite advisors and key strategists behind business success. As more companies and organizations struggle to meet the demands of this new Cognitive Era, IT leaders, working with their business partners, are being challenged to add value by opening their enterprises to new ways of thinking and fresh methods of doing business.

IT infrastructure designed and built for cognitive workloads—that can understand, reason and learn from all of this data—will be the foundation upon which businesses will gain competitive advantage by transforming organizations and entire industries to reap benefits. New-age system technologies, which are open for collaboration and designed with big data and Internet-scale data centers in mind, are being adapted to deal with the even-greater demands of cognitive computing.

In this new era, IBM Business Partners will play an important role in helping IT leaders become architects of the future. We need to move away from the status quo and bring about a radical shift in the way we perceive IT infrastructure in the traditional sense.

It starts with new design principles to build IT infrastructure for cognitive workloads:

  • Design for Cognitive Business—to act at the speed of thought.
  • Build with Collaborative Innovation—to accelerate technology breakthroughs.
  • Deliver through Cloud Platform—to extend the value of systems and data.


A growing number of business and IT leaders are beginning to grasp how cognitive computing is radically reshaping the present IT landscape. This next wave of information technology is giving businesses the ability to outthink their competition. This is the time to outthink the status quo. Fique ligado. Você também pode deixar-me saber o que você acha que usando o recurso de comentários abaixo.

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Bruce Maule
WW Sistemas Vice-Presidente & Marketing de nuvem Canal

Bruce Maule é Vice-Presidente, ecossistema de marketing - IBM Systems. Neste papel, Bruce tem a responsabilidade pela concepção e execução de programas de canais e marketing mundial da IBM Partners que vendem e apoiar ofertas de hardware e software IBM Systems. Ele também conduz vários programas destinados a auxiliar influenciadores, cujas soluções são construídas sobre as ofertas IBM Systems, a crescer mais rapidamente. Ele é um líder em marketing digital e ajuda os parceiros a transformar as suas atividades de marketing para o digital.

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