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번역 위젯 여러 언어로이 블로그의 영어 버전의 번역을 촉진 하기 위하여 당신의 편의 위해 제공 됩니다.. 이 자동된 번역 기능을 활용 하려는 경우, 자동된 번역 원래 영어 버전 간의 편차가 있을 수 있습니다 이해 하시기 바랍니다. IBM 같은 자동된 번역 편차에 대 한 책임을 지지 않습니다 및 번역된 버전 제공 "그대로" 어떠한 종류의 보증 없이.

변환 왓슨 왓슨 시리즈 구축 전세계

왓슨 빌드 도전의 수상자들에게 축하!

We’ve arrived at the final phase of the Watson Build Challenge! Huge congratulations to the seven Regional Champions and the Wildcard winner, all of whom emerged victorious after a journey that began with an inspiring number of cognitive-based solution proposals using Watson Developer Cloud APIs from IBM Business Partner firms around the globe.

I’m looking forward to the grand finale event and Business Partner presentations that will take place next Thursday, 11 월 2 at the MetroWest center in New York City. When Phase 2 wrapped up on October 1, the following seven Regional Champions (plus one Wildcard Champion) and their working prototypes were chosen for the grand finale pitch fest:

  • 아시아 태평양: BondEvalue @BondEvalue (싱가포르) BondeEvalue was selected for its proposed solution called “Building a Cognitive Bond,” which integrates bond prices with news to create a recommendation engine. Rapid scale deployment is made possible by a Watson API that is used to connect to Reuters and Bloomberg.

  • 유럽: b.digital (@blueit_news) (이탈리아) b.digital’s solution—bioBOTGuard—uses drone technology and cognitive visual recognition through Watson APIs to help agronomists and farmers save time and money. The solution facilitates “precision farming” by improving both monitoring activities and field operations.

  • 북미 지역: Kilroy Blockchain @kilroyblckchain (USA) In response to the rise of mobile devices and visual communication, Kilroy Blockchain’s solution aims to use technology to enable the blind and visually impaired to interact in greater ways than what’s currently possible. The solution is called RealLife Adventure (Riley); it lets the blind more deeply participate with the world around them and have an enriched life experience by allowing them to “see” their surroundings through highly verbose interactive audio descriptions

  • GCG: HNA Innovative Technology Research Co., (주). @GroupHNA (중국) container transport industry of China boasts 90 percent of global share in terms of the number of containers and cranes; 하나, it lags far behind in terms of software for container transportation. The solution? A smart logistics platform utilizing Watson’s AI abilities in cognition and interaction, providing the optimization algorithm of machine learning and blockchain technology to bring simpler, faster and more intelligent maritime procedures for all parties involved.

  • 일본: Technological Development of Information-processing (T.D.I. CO, (주)) The solution that secured the win for T.D.I. CO, LTD is called “Smart Zoo,” and it gives special memories for visitors by providing new experiences and enriching customer journeys before, during and after visiting a zoo. By improving repeat visitor rates and zoo merchandise purchase rates, the solution aims to enable zoo operators to increase sales and revitalize facilities. “Smart Zoo” is unique in that users can chat with the animals that Watson recognizes in their photos, and learn about the animals naturally from these direct conversations.

  • 라틴 아메리카: Busca.LegalSystax @systax (브라질)
    The winning solution from Systax is called “Busca.Legal Classificação Fiscal – CF,” and is an online platform for the Tax Classification of Products at NCM – Mercosur Common Nomenclature, using cognitive computing to simulate the process of human intelligence for tax classification purposes through Watson technology. The solution has two interfaces: a web interface for direct user interactions, and an API for integration with third-party systems.

  • MEA: SenzIT Solutions @Senzit_ (아랍 에미리트 연방) Evidencer is an advanced integrated digitized recording solution that captures and archives live proceedings from crime scenes to the primary investigation report at police stations to courtrooms. Incorporating advanced features such as Watson Speech to Text, Tone Analyzer, Language Translator and Visual Recognition enhances Evidencer with the most powerful medium for analytics in the judiciary and law enforcement domains.

  • Wildcard Champion: Elinar Oy Ltd @ElinarOyLtd (핀란드) When the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) begins to be enforced on 25 5 월, 2018, it will require all organizations to be able to provide in a timely fashion all the data they possess on any single EU citizen. A tall order indeed. The wildcard-winning solution is called GDPR AI Miner, which identifies GDPR data and enables these organizations to “train” AI using their data so that it can detect privacy data unique to each customer’s way of doing business. The solution will be available as a service from IBM Bluemix, and will leverage multiple Watson APIs.

Watson Build challenge has been quite a journey, not to mention a huge part of my business life this year—I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. All that remains now is for me to profusely thank the IBM Business Partners listed above for their vision and achievement, and share my excitement and anticipation for the final Watson Build event in New York! 언제나 처럼, 당신은 내가 당신이 의견은 아래의 기능을 사용하여 어떻게 생각하는지 알려 주시기 바랍니다.

제이미 Mendez (@JAMENDEZ11)
감독, IBM PartnerWorld

제이미 Mendez는 IBM PartnerWorld ® 및 채널 사용 사업에 대 한 글로벌 책임. 그녀의 역할에, 제이미는 PartnerWorld 커뮤니티의 지원에 초점을 맞춘 글로벌 팀에 대 한 책임 보다 더 120,000 전 세계 비즈니스 파트너. 수 년에 걸쳐, 제이미는 비즈니스의 모든 측면을 탐험 하고있다-콜 센터를 관리 하려면 필드 외판원으로 일 하려면 메일 프로그램을 설정 하 여.

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