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Conecte-se com a sua comunidade através Pense 2019 campi

Planning your agenda for Think 2019? Find your community fast at one or more of the Think campuses. These gathering places bring together IBM experts, IBM Business Partners and customers to exchange ideas and information on shared areas of interest. Each campus will showcase the latest technologies and present business results that your peers and their customers are achieving.

Pensar 2019 will have three campuses—Cloud and Infrastructure, Security and Resiliency, and Data and AI—plus a Smarter Business Showcase. Supported by more than 150 sponsoring IBM Business Partners, the campuses will feature:

    • Theater sessions: Hear from visionaries and experts on topics that matter most to your organization.
    • Think tanks: Meet one-on-one with subject-matter experts and thought leaders for deeper dives into session topics.
    • Hands-on activations and interactive demos: Experience cutting-edge technology.

    Here’s a quick glimpse of what you can expect at each campus.

    Cloud and Infrastructure Campus

    The Cloud and Infrastructure Campus will host sessions and panel discussions spanning topics from storage and servers to multicloud and artificial intelligence (AI). Attend a roundtable on winning strategies for storage in multicloud environments to gain insights you can use in client engagements. Participate in a session on NVM Express (NVMe) that discusses whether this new interface to flash storage is worth the hype. And learn about the IBM Power Systems roadmap, so you know what’s in store for you and your clients.

    If you’re helping clients navigate their path to a multicloud environment, hear how IBM Cloud Private can accelerate that journey. Cloud service providers should also consider attending a session outside the Cloud and Infrastructure Campus, in which top cloud service providers explain why they chose the powerful and secure IBM LinuxONE platform for their offerings.

    For an inspiring success story, discover how Morgan Stanley is using AI and machine learning on IBM Power Systems for risk modeling. If you’ve got IBM i clients (or prospects), attend a session that showcases customer successes on IBM i.

    Are you up for something completely different? Take an augmented reality tour inside an IBM POWER9 system in the BP Café to get a unique, close-up view of the latest servers.

    Security and Resiliency Campus

    Attend customer success story sessions on the Security and Resiliency Campus to learn how IBM and IBM Business Partners are helping organizations use the latest advances in cybersecurity to protect data, build trust and improve resiliency. Por exemplo, learn how IBM Trusteer advanced device analytics help banking solution developer Apiture create secure mobile solutions for midsized banks. Hear how JN Data A/S, a Danish IT provider, uses IBM Multi-Factor Authentication for z/OS to protect the company and its clients from security breaches. And discover how Duke Energy increased automation, reduced complexity and improved transparency with IBM BigFix endpoint management and security.

    Don’t miss sessions that can help you identify emerging customer challenges, so you can address them early. Por exemplo, get a better understanding of blockchain and discover some of the security challenges of this potentially powerful digital ledger technology.

    The Security and Resiliency Campus will also have numerous sessions highlighting IBM solutions that help your clients overcome key hurdles. Por exemplo, get an overview of the IBM Security Secret Server. And check out the new features of IBM QRadar 7.3.2 Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

    Data and AI Campus

    The Data and AI Campus will also have its share of customer success stories that can provide insight and inspiration. Por exemplo, learn how USAA capitalized on AI, analytics and cloud data to drive its business platform transformation. Hear how a cybersecurity solution provider is using IBM Cloud Private for Data to extract unique insights from network and operations data. And see how Business Partner Comsense is using IBM Watson Campaign Automation to deliver smarter campaigns.

    Dive deeper into IBM solutions that you can sell, support and build on. Discover how big weather data and analytics from The Weather Company, um negócio IBM, can help your clients better understand the impact weather has on their business. Find out why IBM Db2 is the right database for AI solutions. And see how IBM WebSphere Commerce Version 9 offers a robust solution for building digital B2B marketplaces.

    Looking for additional inspiration? Meet the AI disrupters from the Watson Build 2018 challenge at the Watson Desenvolver 2018 Showcase global. Explore innovative prototypes from the Global Champion and Geo Champions as well as several additional Business Partners whose solutions were selected for this showcase.

    Smarter Business Showcase

    Come to the Smarter Business Showcase to hear how organizations across a wide array of industries are putting smart to work. Designed to inspire and inform, Small Business Showcase sessions can help generate new ideas for helping clients achieve their goals.

    Por exemplo, learn how large enterprises such as Taco Bell and Carhartt are capitalizing on technology to break boundaries and drive business transformation. Hear how Whirlpool is using a multicloud environment for next-generation ERP. And discover how some governments are using AI, and explore some of the privacy implications of using AI for government. Também, hear how

    Stretch beyond your campus

    Your campus is your community. But if your interests span multiple fields, be sure to explore additional campuses. Vou ao Pensar 2019 campus page para saber mais. Então build your agenda with relevant sessions.

    We look forward to connecting with you on your campus very soon!

    Andrea de Bush
    Editor chefe
    Comunicações de Marketing e Eventos

Como editor-chefe de Comunicações de Marketing e Eventos, Andrea Bush é responsável por liderar as comunicações e eventos em todo o mundo para o ecossistema IBM Business Partner. Com mais 15 anos de marketing e comunicação experiência, Andrea lidera uma equipe de profissionais e impulsiona os esforços de marketing para construir e promover o ecossistema de parceiros de negócios.

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