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Partner Experience

Connecting the Dots for a Better View of Social Networking


We are in the midst of a new era for making connections and expanding market share in our industry. The immediacy of social networking has become the new reality, allowing us to get closer to business-critical conversations and content, and instantly interact with subject-matter experts (SMEs). It really isn’t just for the millennials anymore.

This new reality puts a heavier burden on all of us. I don’t know about you, but I find it a challenge to get to every site that has conversations I am interested in and want to contribute to in some way. But I must say that I have found sites where I have identified others with interests and objectives similar to my own that keep drawing me back, even in the middle of the night.

Rebuilding the PartnerWorld Communities platform

If, like me, you want to know which social sites SMEs and like-minded folks are frequenting around IBM products and solutions, you want to connect to those sites without having to deal with a long list of URLs. In response, we have decided to go back to the basics on social networking and connect the dots to bring the picture into focus.

We’ve been busy re-implementing the PartnerWorld Communities spaces so you can quickly find experts by topic and engage with them. We will be rolling out the links to communities in late August and complete the full implementation with direct links into the communities by subject area by mid-September.

Because social networking is about web design and content as much as people, the goal with our Communities project is to align our community links to allow you to follow the pulse of online conversations around the topics you are interested in, while connecting with each other and with our experts to advance your business. Our plan is to continue to add to your social experience in PartnerWorld by:

  • Identifying prioritized topics of interest based on how IBM believes the market is evolving
  • Setting up listening tools to identify specific areas of interest to discuss with your clients
  • Ensuring we have experts on various topics to engage with IBM Business Partners
  • Providing tailored content to use in social networking conversations

Supporting you as IBM Business Partners is our mission. Much like our recent efforts in putting on the Social Media Boot Camp—or even in presenting Business Partner Voices, the very blog you’re reading now—your success depends on timely access to the latest news, perspectives and content.

And don’t forget to use the “Comments” area below to let me know what you think!

Jamie Mendez (@JAMENDEZ11)

Jamie Mendez has global responsibility for IBM PartnerWorld® and channel enablement initiatives. In her role, Jamie is responsible for leading a global team focused on supporting the PartnerWorld community of more than 120,000 Business Partners around the world. Over the years, Jamie has explored every aspect of the business—from setting up distribution programs to working as a field sales rep to managing a call center.

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