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CRN отличие 13 Руководители IBM в своем 2018 Женщины списка каналов

На этой неделе, CRN опубликовал ежегодную Женщину в списке каналов, and I’m proud to say that 13 of the honorees are part of the IBM Ecosystem. Three of our leaders were also named to the Power 100 список, an elite subset of the prestigious annual Women of the Channel list that celebrates the 100 most powerful women in the channel.

Our IBM honorees were recognized for their outstanding leadership, vision and unique role in driving channel growth and innovation in 2017. They have been instrumental in driving success for PartnerWorld, IBM’s premier partner program, which is designed to empower IBM Business Partners with the tools and resources to help transform clients into industry leaders.

Please help me congratulate our 2018 лауреатов.

2018 Женщины канала & Мощность 100:

Дороти Копленд, Вице-президент, Глобальный бизнес-партнеры IBM, Северная Америка. Dorothy has fostered revenue growth among IBM’s North American partners across all major IBM brands in the past year. One factor is her emphasis on partner engagement with IBM’s sales organization by creating an industry-focused partner development team to recruit, enable and grow partners focused on vertical markets.

Лори Эванс, Вице-президент, Международные каналы, Digital and Commercial, IBM Облако. Laurie has worked across IBM’s business units and with the Global Business Partner team to develop next-generation partner programs for ISVs, managed service providers, communications service providers and third-party marketplaces around digital transformation. Her efforts have led to a fourfold increase in the number of committed partners—those consistently transacting with IBM.

Жаклин Вудс, Директор по маркетингу, Глобальный бизнес-партнеры IBM. Jacqueline has led efforts to simplify and transform IBM’s co-marketing program and encouraged the adoption of modern and digital marketing best practices. And she has deployed a competency program to help partners understand the value of investing in the development of their marketing skills.


2018 Женщины канала:

Казенава Carola, Вице-президент, Ecosystem Program and Strategy, Глобальный бизнес-партнеры IBM. Before joining the IBM Global Business Partners team in 2018, Carola led Global IBM Security for Business Partners and digital sales. В этой роли, she launched a partner- and digital-ready strategy to increase partner engagement, created a new enablement process and revamped the go-to-market model to remove conflict with direct sellers and alternate routes to market. She took a similar go-to-market approach in her new role and designed an even more aggressive model around enterprise accounts in the channel for 2018.

Джейн Франчино, Vice President and COO, Глобальный бизнес-партнеры IBM. Jane led the development of a unified One Channel management system across IBM’s worldwide, regional and business unit teams to transform the end-to-end experience for our IBM Business Partners. This included significant simplifications to our contracts, streamlined changes to our programs and incentives, and the development and deployment of an improved CRM system and associated processes scaling across thousands of partners in our IBM Ecosystem.

Эми Льюис, Директор, Во всем мире бизнес-партнер по продажам, Watson Financial Services Solutions Industry Platforms, IBM. As part of IBM’s newly formed Industry Platforms team, Amy led the development of a new ecosystem growth strategy for IBM Watson Financial Services Solutions, including a strong foundation of next-generation industry and line-of-business invested partners. These are partners who embed our Industry Platform offerings or use industry blueprints, with their APIs and ours, to bring new AI solutions to market quickly. В 2017, Amy partnered with the IBM Ecosystem to modernize IBM’s portfolio and launch new offerings focused on RegTech, including Financial Crimes, Regulatory Compliance and Financial Risk, using AI that only IBM Watson can deliver to unlock data and move to vertically integrated platforms on software as a service.

Денис Макей, Вице-президент, НАС. Службы поддержки технологии, Глобальный бизнес-партнеры IBM. Denyse led the transition of our IBM Business Partners’ maintenance sales business to a consultative client leadership position. Our partners are now tackling critical client pain points caused by the complexity of maintaining a heterogeneous hardware and software environment. This transformation is critical in driving a robust revenue annuity stream for our partner ecosystem.

Сьюзен Мартенс, Vice President of IBM NA Channel System Sales, IBM. Susan has played a leading role in helping partners understand the competitive value of data and expand their focus beyond traditional analytics to include AI and cognitive computing. She continually advocates for open dialog and collaboration within IBM, and with our partners and distributors, so that our company can help serve them better as it relates to these advanced technologies.

Памела МакКрэй, IBM Senior Client Director, Tech Data, Северная Америка, IBM. During Tech Data’s acquisition of Avnet Technology Solutions, Pamela kept the IBM and Tech Data team focused on delivering quarterly objectives. She guided and implemented a three-pronged approach that capitalized on team strengths and prioritized growth opportunities. В результате, the team grew the software-as-a-service business by triple digits, achieved 2H17 revenue objectives and increased year-over-year revenue.

Joanna Raitano, Директор IBM Client, Северная Америка, Стрела, IBM. Under Joanna’s leadership, the North American IBM team has launched a third-party Cloud Marketplace with Arrow, simplified our ability to deliver embedded software solutions downstream to partners and realized triple-digit software-as-a-service growth. These are all critical elements to drive the next-generation ecosystem and bring value to our client base.

Сьюзен Рейнольдс, Вице-президент, Экосистема партнеров, Watson Участие клиентов, IBM. Susan led the charge to extend the resell channel in Watson Customer Engagement to an ecosystem that supports and drives software-as-a-service recurring revenue. She began by bringing together alliances, technology partners, integrators, VARs and agencies into one team and under one strategy, and continued to roll out new initiatives and improvements. As a result of her leadership, the team now identifies partners with the performance, intent and investment profile that can help take the business forward into 2020. This includes a diverse mix of IT and non-IT partnerships and a mix of market makers and nurturers.

Alison Say, Директор, IBM Cloud Partner Ecosystem, Европа, IBM. Alison has been the face of the Cloud Partner Ecosystem in Europe, making it a priority to really listen and engage with our local IBM Business Partners. She leads with transparency, and partners have responded well as she’s shared where we are succeeding, where we are not and what we are doing to fix it. She continues to build relationships based on trust and transparency as she extends the global mission of partner acceleration into Europe, helping partners build successful businesses with IBM.

Michele Штерн, Управляющий директор, Стрела, IBM. Michele led IBM’s business with Arrow, growing it in terms of solutions as well as strong full-year growth overall. IBM launched a new competency benefits program in 2017, and together with Arrow we saw more than a thousand of our joint Business Partners achieve Platinum, Gold and Silver status, enabling them to enjoy expanded benefits of IBM’s PartnerWorld program. В 2017, we also established a new business model for technology partners to embed IBM’s cloud, software and hardware technology along with their own IP in solutions for cloud service providers (ПСУ) and other commercial clients. Arrow was authorized as an Embedded Solutions Distributor and made fast inroads to enable their current channel, and to partner with new CSPs to deliver these solutions in the market.

Джон Телтш
Генеральный менеджер
Глобальный бизнес партнеры, IBM


To view the CRN article featuring our 13 IBM honorees, идти к: https://wotc.crn.com/wotc2018.htm?st1=2&st2=IBM#searchresults&itc

Чтобы увидеть мощность 100 список, посетить: https://www.crn.com/slide-shows/channel-programs/300103606/power-100-the-most-powerful-women-of-the-channel-2018.htm/pgno/0/44

В качестве генерального менеджера для IBM Global Business Partners, Джон Телтш ведет всемирную организацию, которая поддерживает более 160,000 Бизнес-партнеры IBM. Он взаимодействует с партнерами IBM по всем открывающимся возможностям в облаке, Аналитика, Мобильные, системы, безопасности и когнитивных вычислений.

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    Поздравляем всех наших уважаемых женщин IBM канала – заставляет меня гордиться быть IBMer. И я особенно хочу дать 3 ура Жаклин Вудс, наш директор по маркетингу для Global Business Partners.


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