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CRN表彰在六個IBM高管的 2017 在頻道列表的女性

本星期, CRN published its annual Women of the Channel list, and I’m proud to say that six of the honorees are from the IBM Global Business Partners organization. Two of our leaders were also named to the Power 100 list, an elite subset of the prestigious annual Women of the Channel list.

Our IBM honorees are instrumental in driving success for PartnerWorld, which equips our partners with the Competencies and business support they need to excel in the Cognitive Era. They were recognized as CRN’s Women of the Channel for their outstanding leadership, vision and unique role in driving channel growth and innovation.

These IBMers are not only key leaders in today’s channel business; they are also role models for the next generation of IT leaders. Their experiences provide them with valuable perspectives. Here is some key advice that each of them shared when asked, What advice would you give to young women who want to begin careers in technology?”


蜜雪兒 · 斯特恩, 常務董事, 箭頭2017 Woman of the Channel & 電源 100:

If you have a passion for technology, GO FOR IT! Do your research, talk to mentors and learn about the many and varied technology-related career options that are available for you to pursue. The application of technology is rapidly changing our world and I think you will find that whatever your interests may be—sports, 衛生保健, fashion, 財務, gaming, and the list goes on and on—women who are skilled in technology and understand how to use it to improve the way we work and live will have endless career opportunities.”—Michele Stern


勞裡·埃文斯, 全球商業合作夥伴Digital和商業部副總裁, 分析, IBM混合雲2017 Woman of the Channel & 電源 100:

GO FOR IT! Do not hesitate. A career in technology does not mean you must be a programmer or a computer scientist. It can involve marketing, communication, business development or supply chain, 舉個例子. It is multifaceted, exciting and challenging. The industry is fast-paced and high-growth with many career opportunities. Based on the last two decades of my personal career, there has never been a better time for female talent in technology, from individual contributor to executive.”—Laurie Evans


Jayne Franchino, 副主席, Channel Management & 轉型 2017 Woman of the Channel:

Take advantage of opportunities offered by organizations through schools and colleges to learn both the personal and technical skills needed to progress in a career in technology. Participate in internships or co-ops in technology companies for mentorship, establishing a network and future career opportunities. IBM has great partnerships with programs such as Girls Who Code (GWC), with their mission being to erase the gender gap in STEM. GWC offers workshops, field trips, summer camps and mentors to inspire and support young women.”—Jayne Franchino


卡羅拉卡澤納夫, 副主席, IBM全球安全, 市場渠道2017 Woman of the Channel:
If you are passionate about technology, follow your passion! I think now it is so common to see women in technology areas and the opportunities get bigger each year. We estimate that by 2020, the industry will have more than 1 million open positions in cyber security. If you are passionate about technology and want to help in important areas like government and security, join us!”—Carola Cazenave



Pamela McCray, IBM Client Director, 北美, Tech Data2017 Woman of the Channel:

My advice is to find a mentor(s) who can help guide you with your current organizational landscape, as well as future business challenges and opportunities. Focus on networking and building connections within your own company as well as other technology providers. Invest in building community relationships (incubator programs, meet-ups, STEM groups). Schedule time to read/explore technology and industry information EVERY DAY—invest in your skills. Most importantly—the cornerstone of any long-term successful career—you MUST bring trust, integrity and transparency into your relationships.”—Pamela McCray


Denyse 克倫威爾-麥基, 副主席, 銷售, 我們. 技術支持服務, 商業夥伴 2017 Woman of the Channel:

Go for it! Look at STEM skills as a means of YOU personally being able to revolutionize our future world shaped by technology.”—Denyse Cromwell-Mackey



For more details on the CRN Women of the Channel honor, 閱讀 IBM announcement here.

Please join me in congratulating each of these outstanding leaders.

杰奎琳·伍茲 (@ jacwoods2020)
首席行銷官, IBM 的全球業務合作夥伴


To view the CRN article featuring our six IBM honorees, go to: http://wotc.crn.com/wotc2017.htm?st1=2&st2=IBM#searchresults.

To see the Power 100 list, 訪問: http://wotc.crn.com/slideshow/power-100-the-most-powerful-women-of-the-channel-2017.

杰奎琳·伍茲是首席營銷官, IBM 的全球業務合作夥伴. 她開著圍繞IBM的渠道業務的全球營銷工作, 在IBM雲和認知技術,專注於不斷增長的貿易夥伴勢頭.

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