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“Cybersecurity: E 'sfida di tutti.”

“Cybersecurity: E 'sfida di tutti.”

Un'intervista con Ronan Murphy, CEO di Smarttech247

Hardly a day goes by without cybersecurity making the headlines. Data has become the world’s most valuable commodity, and the complexities of managing and securing it in an evermore-connected world leave many organisations —and the individuals whose data they are trusted with—vulnerable.

“The challenge is enormous,” says Ronan Murphy, CEO di Smarttech247, an IBM Business Partner providing cybersecurity solutions to global companies. “Threats are constantly becoming more sophisticated, and companies simply don’t have the resources needed to stay ahead of the threats. It’s a real struggle.”

Research by the UK government in 2017 revealed that as many as 45 percent of businesses believe cyberthreats do not affect them, but the truth is as simple as it is stark: if you are online, then you are a target. According to a study commissioned by IBM in 2017, the average global cost of a data breach is over USD 3.5 million and for those organisations that have experienced a breach, the likelihood of a recurrence is almost 30 per cento.

It is a struggle which nobody can afford to ignore. The problems of security affect everyone, in every industry, everywhere in the world.

IBM and Smarttech247 have been in partnership for about five years. In 2016, Smarttech247 became one of just 40 companies globally to participate in IBM Watson for Cyber Security Beta Program.

“We weren’t an enterprise-grade service provider,” explains Murphy. “But we were one of IBM’s first partners with QRadar and the first security partner in Ireland. We put a lot of time, energy and effort into scaling up our technical resources, and IBM was tremendously helpful on all fronts: technical, vendite, marketing and lead generation.”

In 2017, Smarttech247 announced it was embedding Watson for Cyber Security in its security portfolio. It was a collaboration that has transformed the Business Partner and elevated them to a global stage.

“It’s made a profound difference to our ability to deliver highly accurate and timely reports back to clients,” says Murphy. “The architecture of on-prem cloud and hybrid means it’s a challenging environment to secure. With IBM, we’re able to understand in real time what’s happening on a customer’s network. In environments like healthcare or academia, where users typically have a multitude of entry points into the corporate network, the challenge becomes even greater. The ability to spot breaches as they happen is critical, and that’s what Smarttech247 together with IBM are able to do.”

In the year since that announcement, Smarttech247 has more than doubled the size of its business and established a global reputation as a leading provider of cybersecurity services. “…and IBM has been there with us every step of the way to ensure we can deliver the same quality of service to SMEs, to multinationals, to customers at every level and geo and industry.”

Working with IBM has opened new horizons for Smarttech247, but of course it hasn’t been without challenges. “IBM is a massive corporation and brings with it everything that entails. You have to put in a lot, but the rewards are more than worth it. A new partner might struggle with that, but the effort is more than justified.”

“Our perspective has shifted dramatically,” says Murphy. “For us it’s been a growth story beyond our expectations. It’s a roller-coaster; we’re opening new facilities around Europe, the UK and North America. It’s a lot of fun, and that’s thanks to the strategic partnership with IBM. Without the strategic IBM partnership, the Smarttech247 value proposition for large enterprise would not carry the same weight.”

Andrew Davidson
channel Communications, Europa


For more information about the Smarttech247 Security Operations Centre, visita
Point of contact: Raluca Saceanu
Posta elettronica: [email protected]


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Andrew Davidson porta di comunicazione per il business di IBM un canale in Europa. con oltre 20 anni di esperienza nel raccontare storie di innovazione tecnologica e il modo in cui dà forma il nostro mondo, Andrew aiuta IBM ei suoi Business Partner a condividere il modo in cui stanno lavorando insieme per aumentare il valore del cliente.

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