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As the world continues shifting toward a predominantly digital business model, AppXite is setting its sights on being an integration engine for players at the heart of that shift.

AppXite was established to develop a value-added platform for aggregated services from the world’s leading providers, delivered as a service. Think of it as a digital commerce platform, where vendors offer their services and where resellers and customers can select and combine them in whatever way suits their particular business requirements and consume them via a subscription-based model.

Our platform has been in development for several years. We started out by signing up the bigger solution providers, but our goal—and we are seeing great traction here—was to enable more vendors with perhaps niche services to add further value by adding their own complementary offerings. When we launched our commerce platform at the start of October 2017, there were already hundreds of services available from vendors, via our self-service platform. Сегодня, services from well over 100 vendors are available to thousands of connected customers through the platform.

На 16 Ноябрь 2018, AppXite announced the signing of an agreement with IBM to make its as-a-service offerings, including IBM Cloud services, MaaS360 and SPSS, available via AppXite’s Cloud Commerce Platform. В ближайшие месяцы, we will expand the range of IBM services available to our network of resellers and distributors across Europe.

Our relationship with IBM is about more than simply adding solutions to our platform. What stands out when working with IBM, compared to a lot of other vendors, is that we are both involved in the process of creating a value proposition. It feels quite similar to the experience of working with niche vendors. We consult, plan and execute in collaboration. We develop joint roadmaps for upcoming solutions, how they will be onboarded to our marketplace and how we will market them, вместе.

Конечно, aggregation via online marketplace is relatively straightforward. What really makes this such a compelling proposition is the ability for resellers and customer to then bundle, purchase and provision those offerings via subscription pricing and then manage all of them with a single platform.

This is precisely what being part of a next-generation ecosystem is all about; simplifying often complex multi-vendor services and relationships in a way that is seamless to the end customer.

Питер Mehrens
Head of Vendor Relationships

Peter Mehrens is Head of Vendor Relationships at AppXite. С более 15 years' experience in the computer software and services industry, Peter has spent the last five years focusing on Cloud and Software-as-a-Service solutions. He is based in Varberg, Sweden.

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