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Executive Perspective Generating Demand Partner Experience Worldwide

Digital Marketing Workshops are driving new business. Won’t you join us?

Our Business Partners often tell me that they realize the digital world has changed the way their prospects approach IT purchases. Self-directed buyers looking to solve business problems are consuming information online to learn about solutions. And Business Partners want to proactively market their solutions online and be recognized as a leader and drive new leads, yet they don’t always have the digital marketing skills to reach prospects with effective inbound marketing.

This is why I’m pleased to tell you that IBM is hosting Digital Marketing Workshops with practical, hands-on exercises to be held in every geography. Here are some reasons you can’t afford to miss the digital opportunity and have your company be left behind:

  • Inbound marketing generates 32 percent more leads than outbound and costs 61 percent less[1]
  • On average, these leads are 6 times more likely to become customers[2]
  • Small businesses with web visibility grow at roughly twice the rate of those not on the web[3]


For example, IBM Business Partner Sentia had this to say about the workshop experience:


In Q2 and Q3, we’ve already held more than a dozen workshops across multiple locations in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America, attended by over 200 marketing leaders from 128 Business Partner firms. Here are the upcoming sessions that are planned for the coming months:



Don’t see a workshop in your location? Let us know. New workshop dates and locations are being updated regularly, so bookmark the Digital Marketing Workshops page on PartnerWorld. These workshops will cover a broad solution focus, including cross-brand solutions, Social, Commerce, Analytics, Security, Cloud and Middleware.

So how do you get in?

To participate in an upcoming workshop, log on to PartnerWorld and complete the Digital Marketing Workshop nomination form.

Join our experts at a workshop to gain strategies and practical experience to improve your digital marketing acumen, increase your market visibility and begin executing integrated solution campaigns immediately. Let us help you generate higher-quality leads with stronger content. Sign up for a workshop today and share your comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Gerentine


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[2] Source: Weidert Group: http://www.weidert.com/whole_brain_marketing_blog/bid/113590/What-It-Costs-NOT-To-Implement-Inbound-Marketing

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Michael Gerentine is Vice President, Software Channel Sales, IBM Global Business Partners. He is in charge of managing software partners across the IBM channel, a global business that spans several IBM business divisions, including Watson and IBM Cloud. He helps channel partners better understand IBM's strategy, adopt new technologies and deliver solutions to clients, all while helping drive mutual sales success for the ecosystem. Previously, Michael served as Vice President of Marketing, IBM Global Business Partners, where he developed and led marketing efforts for the IBM Business Partner channel.

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