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Infra-estrutura Partner Experience Skills Em todo o mundo

Ganhar recompensas ao construir suas habilidades IBM Cognitive Sistemas

In today’s fiercely competitive and fast-paced environment, organizations of all sizes are looking for ways to bring new, aberto, innovative solutions to the market that help them expand their business opportunities while delivering exceptional client experiences. Para realizar essa tarefa, thousands of companies around the world are turning to their IBM Business Partners as trusted advisors. Do you have the skills to meet this challenge?

Enablement tailored to your needs

IBM has made it easy for Business Partners to get started with a rich set of enablement assets loaded into IBM FindIT, compelling digital marketing campaigns loaded into the IBM Content Marketing Digital plataforma, e tanto online IBM PartnerWorld University e educação em sala de aula.

Gain recognition and earn valuable rewards while you learn

Education comes in many different forms, and with everyone’s busy schedules, o IBM sistemas de ensino Badges Abertas e o Know Your IBM (KYI) program are quickly becoming two of the most popular. Badging is a great way to build your personal skills when it is most convenient for you. It is also a great way to communicate your credentials to others. KYI is a global offering designed to reward Business Partners for completing online training, like the Open Badges, that will enhance their IBM product knowledge and help maximize their selling expertise.

In addition to IBM Storage, z Systems and LinuxONE, Business Partners can build their IBM Power Systems skills around High-Performance Computing, High-Performance Data Analytics, Open Source Databases, SAP HANA and much more.

Divirta-se enquanto você aprender e ganhar com sistemas Skills Bingo!

Want to see your name on a Leaderboard and earn HUGE rewards? Then sign up to play Know Your IBM Systems Skills BINGO!

With the exciting introduction of our latest game, we are giving Business Partners the chance to share in our amazing 200,000 KYI Reward Points Pot, and the opportunity to earn BONUS points on the KYI BINGO TOP TEN Leaderboard.

Developed with specific tracks, each BINGO card offers a unique learning path with the added benefit of helping you increase your technical and sales skills around IBM Systems products and solutions along the way.

With a host of fabulous goodies and experiences available via the KYI Rewards Catalog, the more you learn, the more rewards you can earn!

So what are you waiting for? If you want to see your name on the Leaderboard and earn HUGE rewards, simply log into Know Your IBM and start playing today!

  • Log in to Know Your IBM and launch BINGO by clicking the BINGO Banner on the Home page or the BINGO Promotions Card.
  • Accept the BINGO Terms and Conditions, and enter a Nickname/Alias for the Leaderboard.
  • View any of the KYI Systems Skills BINGO cards.
  • Each card has 25 learning squares.
  • Earning an eligible badge or certification will check off a learning square.
  • Make a line—horizontally, vertically or diagonally—of five successfully completed learning squares and BINGO! You’ll receive 100 KYI Points.
  • PLUS, you’ll receive a bonus of 25 KYI Points for every additional line you complete, up to a maximum of 10 lines, across any of the BINGO cards.
  • Special capability with a Storage or Linux on Power Systems Top Gun badge or a Systems Expert Contributor badge.

Join today and earn rewards while building your skills. Você também pode deixar-me saber o que você acha que usando o recurso de comentários abaixo.

Ryan Faithfull (@kyirewards)
Gerente de Implantação global, Know Your IBM



  • Know Your IBM (KYI) rewards the individual sales and technical staff at our IBM Business Partners firm.


Ryan Faithfull é o Gerente de Implantação Global para Know Your IBM (KYI). KYI é uma oferta global projetado para recompensar Parceiros de Negócios IBM para completar o treinamento on-line que irá melhorar seu conhecimento do produto IBM e ajudar a maximizar a sua experiência de venda.

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