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Generating Demand IBM Global Financing Infrastructure Worldwide

Close more deals and contribute to environmental sustainability with refurbished IT

On Earth Day 2019, consider this: IT equipment and parts can’t always be recycled. Reusing them is one of the best solutions available to contribute to environmental sustainability.

IBM recognized the growing need of IT asset recovery over 35 years ago, when we established processes to extend the life of IT equipment with second and third uses. In 2018 alone, over 99 percent of all IT equipment returned to IBM was processed for reuse, resale or material recycling. That’s 1.2 million units refurbished, and 6 million parts harvested and resold. Learn more here.

As you recommend solutions to your clients, buying refurbished servers and storage can be a good choice when clients are in the following situations:

      • Wanting to add more capacity on an older system
      • Looking to upgrade to newer technology
      • Considering a backup or recovery system
      • Needing additional capacity on short notice for test environments

      It’s also important for you and your clients to consider the remanufacturing process. A key point to consider is that the quality of your clients’ technology shouldn’t be jeopardized by counterfeit parts that may lack eligibility for maintenance. Refurbishment processes using parts according to the original Bill of Materials promote reliability and can simplify maintenance. Another aspect is that the equipment can be customized to your clients’ unique specifications.

      On Earth Day, take the time to learn more about and consider offering your clients IBM Certified Pre-Owned servers and storage—refurbished IT configured to their specifications. Visit our website to learn more.

      John Muir
      Vice President, IBM Global Financing, North America
      Global Asset Recovery Services

John Muir has served as Vice President IBM Global Financing (IGF) Global Asset Recovery Services for North America since April 2017. John is responsible for helping to maximize the returns for IBM Global Financing (IGF) leased assets through IT Hardware (HW) product sales. The role scope covers I&E ownership for HW sales of IBM Certified Pre-Owned (ICP) externally to IBM’s partner channel and direct and internally to IBM Services Business. Previously John has also taken on the sales executive leadership role for IGF GARS across Europe, Latin America and Middle East & Africa.

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