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ANALYTICS Partner Experience Worldwide

Empower your customers to use real-time and historical analytics

Most discussions about analytics focus on how data can improve customer experiences, but equally important is the use of analytics to improve operational processes.

Reducing the cost of ownership is particularly critical for our customers, so this is a very real and compelling benefit.

In our recent hangout, we asked two IBM experts to discuss the best ways to talk to clients about the value of real-time and historical analytics and how businesses can deploy data for operational efficiency.

Jim Carey, IBM Netcool Offering Manager, spoke about how real-time and historical analytics can accelerate problem identification and resolution with search analytics.

Jim quoted Eric Herzog, telling us that to truly compete in the Cognitive Era, we must “turn oceans of data into streams of insights.”

In discussing the advances in real-time analytics, James Moore, IBM Netcool Offering Manager, observed that “Cognitive is not a choice anymore…it’s a need.”

He explained how the transformative capabilities of cognitive analytics consolidate millions of alerts from across local, cloud and hybrid environments into a small number of actionable problems.

In emphasizing the depth of our offerings, he said, “What’s really valuable to our Business Partners is the simplicity of creating solutions using Runbook Automation and the fact that it is a hybrid solution, combining cloud-based capabilities with our on-premises Netcool solution.”

Watch our hangout about how to Empower Your Customers to Use Real-time and Historical Analytics. And don’t forget to bookmark IBM Business Partner Inform. As always, let us know how we can help you succeed—and you can tell me what you think by using the comments feature below.

Claire Colle
IBM Worldwide Channel Manager

Claire Colle is responsible for Global Business Partner Marketing for IBM Storage Solutions, and has over 20 years experience in channel marketing, programs and sales. Her work includes helping Business Partners drive Spectrum Storage Solutions to allow clients to unlock the value of their data.

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