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Partner Experience SECURITY Skills Worldwide

Enterprise-level security for your mid-market clients

Small and mid-size businesses rely on data just as much as larger enterprises, but they typically don’t have the budgets that enterprise organizations do. So they also don’t have access to the same tools and expertise—particularly when it comes to protecting their data.

But the consequences of data loss—whether through a security breach, natural disaster or unplanned downtime—has the same effect on every business, big or small. It means lost productivity, lost revenue and possibly even damage to the company’s reputation. That means your customers in the mid-market require data backup and recovery, just like larger enterprises.

Tim Campbell, president of IBM Business Partner CenterGrid, shared in our recent hangout on data security: “We asked our clients about their back-up strategy. Some told us they don’t back up, others told us they kind of back up, and others, which is probably the worst answer, told us that they back up every day but don’t really know if they can recover.”

Mid-market companies no longer have simple, homogeneous environments. Data resides within a variety of platforms across the organization and on mobile devices, in remote offices, or in the cloud. But, unlike larger enterprises, they’re unlikely to have IT experts on staff to troubleshoot outages.

Herein lies your opportunity.

Tim told us that “our customers don’t really care about backup. They care about recovery. And most mid-market clients can’t afford enterprise class backup and recovery.”

So this is where Tim’s company has found its sweet-spot. “What every mid-market company needs is good, solid hardened highly available infrastructure, the people to support that, and it has to be available all the time,” he says.

Tim uses IBM Spectrum Protect as the core of his service offering. Tim’s mantra to his clients is: “You take care of your applications. We’ll take care of the stuff your business runs on.”

So what does this mean for you as IBM Business Partners? There is a big opportunity to become a trusted advisor and service provider to your current clients, and to broaden your base to include other mid-market clients who want enterprise-level service on a mid-market budget.

Watch our hangout here. And let us know how we can help—which you can do by using the comments feature below.

Chris Holcomb
Storage Software Channel Representative

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