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Executive Perspective Infrastructure Transformation Watson Watson Build series Worldwide

Excel in the Cognitive Era: Join the IBM Watson Build

Over the past year, IBM has initiated a series of programs to help you, our IBM Business Partners, develop greater expertise and higher-value solutions to help our mutual clients redefine markets and lead their industries. With the launch of our new PartnerWorld program in January, IBM has moved vigorously from a product-centric model to one focused on competencies, customer satisfaction and revenue, all to empower you to excel in the Cognitive Era.

To accelerate your proficiency in cognitive technology, we want to position you at the center of one of our most innovative programs, the IBM Watson Build. You already know the cognitive solutions market represents a tremendous growth opportunity for businesses delivering solutions with cognitive capabilities. IDC estimates that by 2020, global spending on cognitive and AI will reach USD 47 billion. Nearly 50 percent of this investment will come from Banking, Retail and Healthcare. We are eager to see our Business Partners dominate these and other industries.

One year ago, IBM launched the Cognitive Build, a program that would become one of our most dynamic education and innovation accelerators. Over 12 weeks, IBM witnessed a dramatic transformation of our business culture as thousands of employees leapt at the challenge to envision innovative uses of cognitive computing. More than 275,000 IBMers observed—and cheered—while 8,000 of their colleagues harnessed the principles of Design Thinking and Agile Development to invent and develop more than 2,700 innovative cognitive computing prototypes. Projects ranged from solutions engineered to improve corporate operations to applications designed to enhance quality of life. Many of these groundbreaking cognitive solutions are already making their way to market. And hundreds of thousands of IBMers rapidly acquired an in-depth understanding of the power of cognitive computing that literally transformed the way the company does business.

Now we want to challenge you, our IBM Business Partners, to experience the myriad benefits of IBM’s massive innovation experiment. Join Watson Build. Learn to create and market your cognitive solutions while you drive business innovation. Watson Build delivers exclusive, immersive training and resources to help you develop a cognitive solution and bring it rapidly to market. Discover the transformative power of Design Thinking and Agile Development as you produce solutions for your business and generate new opportunities that deliver enormous value for your customers.

I look forward to seeing the innovative solutions you’ll create as you move through the Watson Build. I’m confident that engagement with this innovative program will transform your business and position you to succeed in the Cognitive Era.

Marc Dupaquier (@Marcdupa)
General Manager,
IBM Global Business Partners

Marc Dupaquier was appointed General Manager, IBM Global Business Partners and Midmarket, in January 2014, and is responsible for leading the organization that supports IBM’s approximately 120,000 Business Partners.

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