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On July 23, 2013, IBM announced a set of new IBM® zEnterprise® solutions that are designed to help organizations embrace the IT market shift to create advantage and opportunity.

zEnterprise is uniquely positioned to help organizations exploit:

  • Cloud: Supporting cloud requirements and capabilities and running thousands of virtual servers in a single footprint
  • Big data and analytics: Analyzing queries in real time embedded with each transaction
  • Mobile computing: Scaling to support the massive growth associated with mobile

Included in today’s announcements are new zEnterprise Industry solutions, enhanced software and operating systems, and innovations for the zEnterprise EC12. We’re also introducing the newest member of the zEnterprise family, the zEnterprise BC12, which will help businesses and organizations better understand their customers and respond faster to the industry’s shifts. Starting at the same entry point as the prior generation (z114), the new system puts the most secure and technologically advanced enterprise server within reach of organizations of all sizes.

Clients are using these innovations to bring new capabilities and value to their customers. They’re able to offer new channels in which to purchase products or services using cloud and mobile technologies; they can suggest related products to a consumer based on a current purchase using real-time analytics; and they’re delivering these capabilities with the highest levels of security and availability so customers’ accounts are never compromised.

ABK Systeme GmbH, a leading business transaction payments company in Europe, is one of the first clients to purchase a new BC12 mainframe. The company will use the system to manage massive volumes of data, peaking at four million transactions per hour, and cites the IBM mainframe’s stability, security, energy efficiency and mobile application functions as key factors in its decision to purchase.

IBM continues to invest in the IBM mainframe as a key growth technology for the company. The latest zEnterprise innovations are the result of more than USD1 billion in R&D investments in the zEnterprise system over the past three years, with over 2,500 employees working 15 million hours across 18 labs worldwide. In 2013 alone, IBM invested USD50 million in new prepackaged solutions for clients in the banking, financial services and healthcare industries. Earlier this month, IBM also announced an agreement to acquire CSL International, which expands IBM’s mainframe cloud capabilities, including simplified management of virtual Linux on IBM System z®.

With these zEnterprise announcements, businesses of all sizes have access to greater performance, a lower total cost of ownership and state-of-the-art functionality to manage today’s needs—with an eye toward the future. Here are some resources to get you started:

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Pat Toole

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