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ANALYTICS Executive Perspective Transformation Worldwide

Five essential elements of data and analytics: What you need to know

In today’s complex world of data and analytics, businesses are demanding analytics insights from oceans of data. IBM Analytics offers the deepest and broadest analytics platform, domain and industry solutions that deliver new value to organizations. We have simplified the IBM Analytics offerings into five essential elements that can be delivered through private, public and hybrid clouds.

These Five Essential Elements are the identity we are creating for IBM Analytics. It is about clarity of who we are and what we do, in terms that the market wants to hear. Here is how you can amplify the transformation to grow your business with IBM Analytics:

Focus 1—Hybrid Data & Content Management: Free your information
IBM has the most complete, integrated and open data and content platform in the world. No competitor comes close to our ability to help clients modernize their data and content infrastructure.

Focus 2—Data Science & Machine Learning: Making data science a team sport
We lead in data science—Gartner recognized IBM as the #1 Data Science Platform vendor in this year’s Magic Quadrant. We are the industry leader; we are investing heavily and we have our best days ahead of us.

Focus 3—Unified Governance: Insight & compliance
The IBM Unified Governance portfolio consists of all the capabilities an organization needs to discover, integrate, cleanse, classify, profile and catalog your critical business information assets. No other vendor can touch our breadth.

Focus 4—Data Analytics & Visualization: Putting data in the hands of everyone
For an enterprise to be data-driven, everyone must be able to reach the data, play with the data and understand the data. IBM enables organizations to do just that.

Focus 5—Open Source: Hadoop, Spark and more…
Open source gives clients flexibility, freedom from lock-in and access to top talent. Why does this matter to IBM? Open source frees us to invest in our differentiators. Open source has become ingrained in the way we work—we’ve embedded it in all of our products and we allocate time and energy to give back to the community.

Call to action

This is indeed an exciting time to be in the Analytics marketplace! Here is what we would like you to do to make the most of it:

  1. Listen to our on-demand webinar, Discover IBM’s Go-to-Market Strategy with the 5 Essential Elements of Data & Analytics, to learn how the essential five elements can help you articulate the value of the offerings and find more opportunities when engaging with your clients.

  3. Make sure to visit and bookmark our PartnerWorld page to learn how to better position IBM solutions in the market to address the business needs of your clients.

Thank you again for your continued commitment and investment in IBM Analytics. Let’s continue to dominate as we collectively evolve our businesses, lead in client success and never look back! Please share your thoughts using the comments feature below. Stay connected with IBM PartnerWorld Analytics.

Laurie Evans (@lolobevans)
Vice President, Worldwide Digital and Channel Sales, Business Analytics


Laurie Evans is Vice President, Business Partners and Channel Innovation, IBM Cloud Channel Sales. She is responsible for Business Partner strategy and sales execution worldwide. Laurie's team drives strategic direction of all Business Partner types including VADs, Resellers, SaaS Partners, ISVs, MSPs, CSPs and ESAs. Laurie has recently joined IBM and has over 24 years experience in direct and channel sales, OEM and Alliances.

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