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La gamma completa di Business Analytics: Prendilo!

How do you know when it’s time to expand your analytics reach and incorporate additional components of the business analytics segment?

The decision to use business analytics is no longer the sole decision of the line of business or IT but rather a combination of both. With more users in an organization using business intelligence, planning and data discovery, the decision must be well-thought out with some key initiatives and strategies in mind. In today’s hectic business world there is a greater need for governance, sicurezza, reliability and accountability. No longer can a single self-service visualization tool solve all needs. Users must have the ability to go from planning, budgeting and forecasting to reporting and dashboarding to data discovery and predictive analysis without having to leverage multiple vendors.

How do you reach more people, attract new clients and infuse analytics onto the hands of more of your existing customers?

IBM Data Analytics and Visualization Lifecycle has changed the rules of engagement, taking the lead with our vision and perspective with an industry-leading set of solutions. Rather than competing on a subset of capabilities, we offer an integrated set of solutions that allows customers to make faster, more informed decisions and manage their entire business. Planning Analytics provides flexible, multidimensional modeling to represent your business; Cognos Analytics has a proven, governed and integrated solution for managed reporting and smarter self-service data discovery; e Analitica di Watson offers real, advanced analytics that are usually reserved for data scientists with special skill sets and expensive tools. IBM provides the full lifecycle of Business Analytics in an integrated environment. We have created a balance between the agility required by the line of business and the control needed by IT.

IBM Data Analytics and Visualization Lifecycle is the key element that makes all the work sharable and consumable to all users and decision-makers across the enterprise. The fundamental challenges faced by organizations have not changed over the years—how do they reach more people and enable them to use analytics to make informed decisions and how do they use more of the available data to inform those decisions? Data analytics and visualization allow organizations to work smarter, be proactive and perform better. It is also a known fact that organizations that invest in analytics reap the benefits of strong returns and competitive advantage.

So why is this messaging so important for IBM’s go-to-market strategy? The Analytics Lifecycle reinforces our messaging that our comprehensive Analytic Tools portfolio makes IBM the most robust, enterprise-ready solution in the market today. The most recent BARC Score report ranked IBM at the top, demonstrating that we have one of the most robust, complete, enterprise-ready solutions on the market.

Sfrutta la IBM Data Analytics Lifecycle and Vision setting to expand your footprint with your clients. Add additional business analytics value to your portfolio and be more competitive. Take the conversation to the next level.

Dave Albert (@DavidVAlbert)
Global Business Partner Segmento di piombo
IBM Business Analytics

Dave Albert è responsabile delle vendite globali e Business Development per il segmento Business Analytics nell'organizzazione Business Partner IBM. Dave ha quasi 20 anni di esperienza nello spazio business intelligence e analisi. Il suo attuale focus è centrato sul successo Business Partner e crescente ecosistema di Business Analytics tra la comunità IBM Business Partner. l'esperienza di Dave in vendita, di marketing e servizi tecnici gli hanno permesso di essere un'influenza positiva nello spazio di analisi.

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