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CLOUD Executive Perspective Infrastructure Worldwide

Let’s Get SaaSy: Be curious, be bold…it’s a competitive world!

It’s a fiercely competitive world. SaaS is no longer optional—it’s how the winners are competing.

Now imagine this: A successful business is focused on rapidly achieving business outcomes for its clients and exploring its options to do so. The business may wish to adopt and design new technology, deliver next-generation client solutions or use the cloud to augment and streamline existing operations.

To be a relevant technology provider, we need to address these opportunities and deliver open, secure cloud and AI solutions that help your clients accelerate digital modernization. To compete and grow, you might also consider expanding your capabilities and reach. One way to do this is by offering cloud solutions to your clients and prospects, in addition to the on-prem solutions that may be in your portfolio.

We’re here to help with a smooth journey to SaaS success by providing you with a wide cloud portfolio, new programs and new tools to help you accelerate your growth.

Expand your capability and reach with SaaS solutions for your clients.
IBM provides:

    • More than 400 industry and cross-industry as-a-service offerings in our SaaS portfolio for you to explore
    • A suite of leading AI capabilities delivered through Watson
    • Business Partner–ready SaaS offerings, based on ease of doing business
    • Refreshed SaaS messaging in campaigns targeted at commercial clients
    • New SaaS trials designed for the client experience with technical support
    • Digital demos to engage clients and progress opportunities
    • Competitive sales incentives and promotions

Use New Deal Protection for partners, launched October 9, 2018:

    • Register deals in MySA for partner deal protection during pre-sales activities.
    • Get started on MySA and learn how you will receive leads from IBM.

Stay engaged in your recurring revenue business to drive more revenue:

    • Partner Success 360 (PS360) application is available to all IBM Value-Added Resellers and Value-Added Distributors.
    • The application helps drive expansion and extension revenue by enabling you to have smart, proactive conversations with a SaaS client as they move through the SaaS lifecycle. You can now see entitlement and usage data.
    • Download the Stay Engaged: A Lifecycle Approach to XaaS Guide.
    • Use the Partner Enablement on demand.
    • Watch a webcast replay covering Partner Success 360 and other SaaS news.

Learn how business partners have successfully transitioned their business to the cloud. Agenor Technology, for example, is capturing new markets with cloud, and Zilker Technology is unlocking fresh commercial opportunities in cloud.

Whether you intend to influence SaaS deals, resell SaaS or embed our solutions with yours—IBM SaaS has options for you. Choose the business model that is right for you, and provide your clients with choice!

Get started today and learn how to resell SaaS. Let’s get excited, let’s get creative, let’s stay engaged and let’s get SaaSy. #GetSaaSy

Jacqueline Woods (@jacwoods2020)
Chief Marketing Officer
IBM Partner Ecosystem

Jacqueline Woods is Chief Marketing Officer, IBM Partner Ecosystem. She drives worldwide marketing efforts around IBM’s channel business, with a focus on growing business partner momentum in IBM Cloud and Cognitive technologies.

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