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Lascia la tua SEO una spinta con IBM contenuti del sito web Syndication

Just about every business owner and marketer knows how important it is to get relevant information on their website in order to rank high in search results. By now, most of us have heard the stats—buyers are looking for information online and are well into the buying cycle before they ever speak to someone at your company. But curating, writing and updating content often requires creative and technical resources, and more importantly, your time.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is both a science and an art, but in the end, it’s driven by good content. Relevant content helps with your ranking, which in turn increases traffic to your site. With strong calls to action (CTAs) and helpful information, you will likely capture some of those visitors as leads.

What if we told you IBM has an easy way to get plenty of content on your website with minimal effort?

The IBM Showcase allows you to easily embed content about IBM products and services in your website. You select and embed just the products and services that are relevant for your business, and IBM supplies up-to-date content, which automatically pulls through to your website as it refreshes. After the initial set up, little to no additional work is involved!

All of this information gets embedded right into your website as an i-frame, which means you keep your navigation and site look and feel. We keep it plain so it doesn’t conflict with your existing branding. The content available covers all of the IBM businesses at a high level, and drills down into specific product pages. These product pages contain relevant information and include CTAs that lead to data sheets, solutions briefs, videos and other assets for viewers to download if they are interested in learning more. Any registration forms on the pages go to your company representatives.

Interested in learning more? Join us for a March 19 seminario web—11 AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)—and see how you can improve your site’s rank in search results as part of your SEO strategy. We will review step-by-step activation, how to select pages according to the IBM products and solutions you sell, and the analytics provided in the platform. We will also cover how to make changes to an existing IBM Showcase after the initial activation, so your site remains current as your business needs change.

In the March 19 seminario web, we will discuss the following topics:

    • Activation, customizing and updating
    • Deep linking
    • Embedding codes
    • Analitica

    Vi incoraggio a register now to learn more about IBM Showcase syndicated content. Si può inoltre vorrei sapere cosa ne pensate utilizzando la funzionalità di commenti qui sotto.

    Lisa Friedrich
    Digital Marketing Programs Manager
    WW Ecosystem Marketing
    IBM Partner Ecosystem

Lisa Friedrich, Digital Marketing Programs Manager for the IBM Partner Ecosystem, has been a passionate advocate for elevating the Digital Content Marketing (DCM) program to better serve the IBM Business Partner community. In this role she uses her extensive strategic marketing and digital background to continually improve the business partner experience for the DCM program.

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