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Generating Demand Transformation

Growth Plays—A Game Plan for Solution Sellers


In this new era of computing, a lot of companies are working overtime on new lines of business and the technology to support them. However, although these clients may have a tight focus on their ultimate business objective, many are still constrained by tight budgets that slow their progress to the goal line. We can help you overcome this strategic challenge.

Inside IBM, we’ve been mapping out what we call Growth Plays—selling areas that interlock with the course that your clients are already on. To give you an edge on the playing field, we’re continuously changing our business mix toward higher-value, more profitable technologies and new market opportunities that align to your clients’ objectives.

Who benefits from Growth Plays?

As a game plan for solution selling, Growth Plays can apply to all technology areas, whether you’re a managed service provider (MSP), cloud solutions provider (CSP) or line of business (LOB) seller. And this approach is going to make it easier for you as IBM Business Partners to consistently deliver the right solutions to help keep customers moving forward. Which Business Partners will benefit most from these growth opportunities? The winners will be those who take advantage of the plays that address the needs of today’s buyers:

  • Smarter Analytics, which has helped over 30,000 IBM clients in many industries harness the power of big data.
  • Big Data, a comprehensive, integrated and industrial-strength platform that includes Hadoop, stream computing, data warehousing and information integration to take advantage of the full spectrum of big data business challenges.
  • Cloud Computing, which provides an IT delivery and consumption model where IT services are delivered using virtualized, standardized, automated and scalable resources, as well as a pay-per-use model.
  • Expert Integrated Systems, which combine the flexibility of a general-purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance.
  • IBM® MobileFirst, which enables innovative businesses to become mobile enterprises with seamless integration of front-end functionality and back-end data.
  • Social Business, which aims to activate networks of people to create a business that is engaged, nimble and transparent, while delivering unprecedented return for the time invested.

In some cases, the Growth Play business model may require a shift in focus—for example, some traditional Business Partners are currently weighing a transition to become MSPs in response to client demand. So do you pair up with a third-party? Build your own cloud? We can help you figure it out. And I’ll be covering these issues in greater detail in upcoming blogs here on Business Partner Voices.

To read more on the priority areas driving Growth Plays, click here. Stay tuned for more on this and other topics in subsequent posts, and let me know what you think by using the “Comments” area below.

Mike Gerentine (@mgerentine)

Michael Gerentine is the executive in charge of developing marketing strategies for the IBM Business Partner channel and midmarket organizations. In this dual role, Mike leads the design and execution of worldwide channel marketing programs for IBM Business Partners that sell and support IBM hardware, software and services.

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