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Have you considered IBM Champions for Growth to propel yourself forward?

If your company has a demand for IBM skills, IBM Champions for Growth can provide your company with a clear, differentiated path to growth and success. More than 500 IBM Champions placed at Business Partners have accomplished significant goals for companies just like yours, including:

  • Providing critical skills
  • Driving growth
  • Strengthening client relationships


One of our IBM Champions, Jean-Marie Smets, recently made a significant difference for IBM Business Partner Deloitte in Belgium. Starting with his assignment in Analytics, Jean-Marie helped drive the software reselling business and then developed—and extended—the IBM portfolio supported by Deliotte. As a result, he was recognized with the prestigious 2015 Best of IBM Award, while Deloitte earned a European Excellence Award from IBM.

Founded several years ago, Champions for Growth is a true win/win opportunity for IBM and you, our Business Partners. You’ll gain access to experienced, high-quality skills for specific opportunities while effectively integrating with IBM. Learn how you can gain the opportunity to understand and work within IBM’s structure and processes by bringing in an IBM Champion to your company. We can help place high performing, skilled IBM employees within Business Partners, typically for a time period of 12—24 months.*

There are multiple, mutual benefits to this program: Business Partners can gain resources and critical skills needed to drive growth, while IBM employees are offered valuable opportunities to broaden their experience and network within our Business Partners.

Discover how placing highly skilled employees with global IBM contacts and knowledge can enable your growth. These talented IBM sales and technical specialists possess expertise and certifications to help extend your authorizations and accreditations with direct experience for critical solution areas, including:

  • Analytics
  • Middleware
  • Cloud


We encourage you to take advantage of this high-speed, low-risk alternative to external recruitment and reach clients faster with IBM solutions by inviting an IBM Champion to help your organization. Visit the Champions for Growth site on PartnerWorld to learn more about how the program works within Europe, including how to apply and who to contact for guidance. And let us know what you think by using the comments feature below.

Sean Bergin and Stefan Buerkli


*This program is currently available in the United States and in many regions across Europe.

Sean Bergin (left) is Vice President of Software Channels in Europe IOT, with the responsibility of leading the IBM Software Channel organization and for implementing the Software Channel Strategy in Europe. Stefan Buerkli (right) is Vice President of Distribution for IBM Global Business in IBM Europe’s Global Business Partner organization, and has responsibility for the distribution channel for hardware/software/services/solutions, and the transformation of distribution channels to align to IBM's growth areas.

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