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Help influence IBM Business Partner programs: Join the Innovation Hub

Earlier this year, I posted an article about the Innovation Hub, a platform where Business Partners can provide instant feedback to IBM. As of today, 700 innovators like you have joined the Hub to engage on many topics, including cloud solutions, cognitive technologies, incentives, client management and more.

We believe the best way to improve our Business Partner relationships and to increase our value is by collaborating directly with you. This is why we launched the Innovation Hub in April. Since then, we’ve driven surveys, quick polls, discussion forums and newsletters to help us improve as your Business Partner and realize more value for you.

By joining the Innovation Hub, you’ll give us a better understanding of how to help accelerate your business and you’ll have a direct influence on the decisions made at IBM. We recently conducted a survey, “Cognitive in Your Business,” to gain your understanding on what “cognitive” means for our Business Partners. The bar graph below reflects your direct feedback. Take a look at some of the results:

  • 73 percent agree that cognitive will allow your company to operate more efficiently
  • 82 percent agree that cognitive will allow your company to offer your clients better solutions
  • 67 percent feel confident in your understanding of cognitive technologies

Once we received this feedback, we shared our Roadmap to Cognitive Business to collect your guidance on how to improve the roadmap. Respondents evaluated the roadmap description and outline to identify key recommended areas for IBM to consider and change to ensure content is most relevant to you. Moreover, you are very interested in understanding how to get started with cognitive, given that you already consider it important for the future of your business. I’m pleased to share that this valuable feedback will be incorporated into our upcoming IBM Business Partner Roadmap to Cognitive Business.

We highly encourage your participation in the Innovation Hub. If you haven’t joined yet, don’t miss this opportunity to open a dialog with IBM. Just click on the link above. Make an immediate impact by providing early design feedback on a new Partner-to-Partner app we’re developing. Help us understand what we can do – together.

You can also comment below to engage with me and share your insights.

Mike Gerentine (@mgerentine)
Vice President, IBM Global Business Partners

Michael Gerentine is Vice President, IBM Global Business Partners & Channel Marketing. Mike is the executive in charge of developing marketing strategies for the IBM Business Partner channel and midmarket organizations. In this dual role, Mike leads the design and execution of worldwide channel marketing programs for IBM Business Partners that sell and support IBM hardware, software and services.

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