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Executive Perspective Partner Experience Transformation Worldwide

Help your Oracle customers transform their business in the Cognitive Era

In today’s Cognitive Era, business leaders demand optimized, secure solutions—designed for all types of data—that can easily adapt to changing workload requirements. To help your customers meet these expectations, you need to help them match the right database technology with the right IT server infrastructure.

As your Oracle customers start their journey to transform their business and reinvent themselves through real-time data insights, many will need to rethink their database infrastructure strategy. The database and IT infrastructure solutions that met their needs a few years ago may not be sufficient to help them grow in the Cognitive Era.

Beware of misguided advice from Oracle

To address the threat of companies leaving Oracle for competitive offerings, Oracle is trying to move their customers from IBM Power Systems to SPARC or Intel x86 processor-based solutions—by feeding them misinformation about Power Systems not being optimized to run Oracle software. That simply isn’t true. In fact, Oracle software runs better on Power Systems than on Oracle’s own hardware. To learn more about the advantages of running Oracle on Power Systems, we’ve developed a brief, fact-based document that can help your customers understand the benefits of running Oracle software on Power Systems.

Read the entire brochure and share it with your Oracle customers: https://ibm.co/2pdLQRu

The way that Oracle is misleading their customers is not the answer. This is a great opportunity for IBM Business Partners to become a trusted advisor to their Oracle customers. Let’s look at two possible options you can propose to them.

(1) Replace legacy Oracle server infrastructure with IBM POWER8

IBM and Oracle have been working together for nearly three decades to help companies anticipate and adapt to the constantly evolving business landscape. As part of this strong alliance, both companies work together to ensure Oracle software is designed to capitalize on the differentiating features of Power Systems, to ultimately provide clients with a clear route to getting the most out of their investment while attaining competitive advantage.

By moving your Oracle customers up to the latest Power Systems server with POWER8 processor-based technology, they can attain higher performance, process more transactions and increase analytics capabilities. Here is an example of the type of advantage Power Systems can offer your Oracle customers.

Read the full case study here: https://ibm.co/2qTMlwk

(2) Move Oracle Database customers up to IBM DB2

If your customers are considering a migration away from their Oracle Database or looking for an incremental solution to complement their Oracle Database environment, IBM has already discussed a few great options in prior Business Partner Voices blogs on EnterpriseDB, MongoDB, Hortonworks and SAP HANA.

In addition to those robust data solutions, a large, growing trend is to migrate Oracle customers to IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration on Power Systems. Vendor lock-in, escalating software maintenance costs and high operational costs are just a few of the reasons Oracle customers are choosing to migrate to IBM DB2. In addition to the cost savings, customers are also gaining server consolidation, operational efficiencies, continuous database availability, fault tolerance and better performance with DB2 on Power Systems.

Learn how Allegiant Travel leveraged Power Systems, DB2 and Flash storage to increase performance and scale, save over one million dollars over commodity x86 solutions, and free up resources to focus on innovation and serving customers better.

It’s time to start the conversation with your Oracle customers today!

Your customers are ready to start this conversation. Whether they decide to stay with Oracle or move to another database technology such as IBM DB2, Power Systems should be the cornerstone of the solution that enables them to transform their business in the Cognitive Era.

IBM has made it easy for Business Partners to get started:

You can also let me know what you think by using the comments feature below.

Stacie Mason
Vice President, Worldwide Power Systems Channels

Stacie Mason is the Vice President, Worldwide Power Systems Channels. Ms. Mason is responsible for driving channel performance for Power Systems, as well as the new Cognitive Systems offerings.

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