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CLOUD Generating Demand Infrastructure Worldwide

Help your customers accelerate open database-as-a-service on IBM Power Systems

Today’s business executives are placing tremendous pressure on IT leaders to deliver new insights faster than previously thought possible. To accomplish this, IT leaders need to design open, innovative solutions that provide the flexibility and agility needed to keep pace with the speed of business. This can be a challenge with traditional database technology due to limitations on agility, scalability and speed of deployment. Database-as-a-service (DBaaS), a new and emerging cloud database offering, delivers an elastic, secure, scalable, highly available and self-service database platform that helps IT respond more quickly to accelerating business demands.

According to Forrester, database-as-a-service will be the fastest-growing database category over the next four years, with automation, lower cost and flexibility as key factors driving increasing adoption. As your customers start their digital transformation, these attributes will be critical in helping them reduce their database management times, drive down costs and improve application performance.

The ideal server platform for open source DBaaS

Open source DBaaS is only as good as the server platform you deploy it on. It’s critical to have a robust and high-performance infrastructure that’s optimized for data-intensive workloads. Today’s developers require this, plus extreme flexibility and scalability—while IT seeks to lower costs.

The IBM OpenPOWER LC servers were developed through a partnership between IBM and OpenPOWER Foundation members to help deliver better data-centric innovation around IBM POWER architecture. These servers integrate virtually seamlessly into data centers and clouds to scale data-intensive workflows with maximum performance and minimum cost and server footprint.

Introducing the new Open Platform for DBaaS on IBM Power Systems

To address this growing opportunity, IBM announced the new Open Platform for DBaaS on IBM Power Systems offering that is optimized for open source databases and runs on IBM OpenPOWER LC servers. Your customers should know that when they partner with you, they are working with a vendor that will meet the performance requirements their business depends on. When you recommend this new offering, you can include a 2.0x price-performance guarantee for MongoDB and EDB Postgres. Guarantees assure your customers that they will get the most out of their investment toward modernization of database solutions.

Faster time to value and improved productivity

The new turnkey solution gives database administrators and developers the ability to deploy a fully configured private cloud with automated provisioning for open source database services. Users can gain the efficiency of a cloud delivery model, while also maintaining oversight and control of resource allocation and secure data policies. Because the Open DBaaS Platform is built on OpenStack, it can also be incorporated into the organization’s hybrid cloud management strategy.

The new Open Platform for DBaaS on IBM Power Systems includes:

  • A self-service portal for end users to deploy their choice of the most popular open source community databases—including MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Redis, Neo4j and Apache Cassandra—in minutes
  • An elastic cloud infrastructure for a highly scalable, automated, economical and reliable open platform for on-premises, private cloud delivery of DBaaS
  • A disk image builder tool for clients who want to build and deploy their own custom databases to the database image library
  • An open source, cloud-oriented operations manager with dashboards and tools to visualize, control, monitor and analyze physical and virtual resources
  • A turnkey, engineered solution comprised of compute, block and archive storage servers; JBOD disk drawers; OpenStack control plane nodes; and network switches pre-integrated with the open source DBaaS toolkit


Get started today!

The Open Platform for DBaaS on IBM Power Systems provides a tremendous opportunity for IBM Business Partners to arm IT leaders with the tools needed to keep up with the pace of business change.


IBM is always looking for new and existing Business Partners interested in helping their customers accelerate their digital transformation. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to your IBM representative or to me at [email protected].

Bob Friske (@bobfriske)
Global Channel Marketing Manager, IBM Power Systems

Bob Friske, Global Channel Marketing Manager for IBM Power Systems, has three decades of experience with IBM—half of that time as an IBM Worldwide Big Data, Analytics and Cloud Specialist, and half as an IBM customer working for one of the big three auto companies in Michigan. Bob currently works for IBM Power Systems, helping Business Partners bring new, open, innovative solutions to the market that help clients expand their business opportunities while delivering exceptional client experiences.

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