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Generieren Nachfrage Partner-Erfahrung Transformation Watson Weltweit

Highlights der IBM Partnerworld Leadership Conference 2017

After the whirlwind of this year’s PartnerWorld Leadership Conference, where do I begin? Seeing so many of our Business Partners sharing their success stories on stage was great to validate what we all know—IBM’s winning strategy is driving new opportunities for our clients and our Business Partners. Your feedback is telling us not only that we’re on track, but also that many of you are excited about the many new elements we have brought forward to help you continue your journey. And from the feedback we got at the conference, many of you are already reaping the rewards.

From our Chairman’s keynote to IBM General Manager Marc Dupaquier’s closing remarks, the messages were clear: “Next is Now”—it’s all about execution and winning in the marketplace. And it wasn’t just about their comments; this conference moved from “tell me” to “show me” with Business Partners underscoring the value of our portfolio, our Business Partner program and incentives, and how it has added up to success.

Whether you were fortunate enough to be there, or are eager to see what you missed, here are the videos from PWLC 2017 you can watch to catch up or share with your team. Don’t miss IBM Chairman, President and CEO Ginni Rometty’s keynote talk. Watch now!

You might also be interested in a few things we heard from attendees:

Great conference! Excellent networking opportunities, workable insights into the cognitive world and valuable, real experience! As a long-term partner, Magna is very satisfied to see how PWLC is getting better and bigger year by year. The next is now!” Rodrigo Hashimoto, Magna Sistemas

“I’ve attended more than 20 consecutive PWLCs over the years and it continues to be the most valuable IBM meeting that I have annually. With the combination of presentations defining IBM initiatives and the one-on-one meetings with key stakeholders, I am able to adjust and align my strategic business direction at InfoSystems to provide more value to our customers. Networking with distributors and other partners always proves to be very valuable as well.”—Clay Hales, President/CEO, Infosysteme

“PWLC 2017 was intense, enjoyable and effective. IBM presented directions clearly along the sessions, and the one-on-one meetings helped to solve problems, review 2016 and adjust the plan for 2017. Außerdem, the discussions with IBM executives and other Business Partners brought fresh air into our products and services-offerings discussions.”—Laerte Sabino, COO, Icaro Tech

Don’t take my word for it—see the Business Partners who shared their success stories on stage during the general session. Watch the general session videos Hier.

Before signing off to finish preparing for IBM InterConnect and IBM Amplify this March, I also want to remind you of key activities and announcements you should consider in your plans:

  • Watson Körperbau: Sign up for this challenge to win recognition and go-to-market support from IBM for your cognitive solutions built on Watson.
  • New competencies: Assess how the new Cloud, Watson, and Security and IGF competencies can help deliver more client value and propel you to the top levels of the PartnerWorld program.

I hope to see you again at one or more of our upcoming events. Und wie immer, I encourage you to use the comments feature below to let me know what you think.

Jamie Mendez (@JAMENDEZ11)
IBM PartnerWorld

Jamie Mendez hat globalen Verantwortung für IBM PartnerWorld ® und Kanal-Aktivierung Initiativen. In ihrer Rolle, Jamie ist verantwortlich für die Führung eines globalen Teams konzentrierte sich auf die Unterstützung der PartnerWorld Gemeinschaft von mehr als 120,000 Geschäftspartnern auf der ganzen Welt. In den Jahren, Jamie hat erkundet jeden Aspekt des Geschäfts — von der Verteilung Programme zu arbeiten als ein Feld Vertriebsmitarbeiter zur Verwaltung von einem Call-Center Einrichtung.

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