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How to become a contributor

Please send us an article proposal. Keep in mind that contributed blogs must be 500–600 words and we require 4–6 weeks to complete the editorial review process, so please plan your proposal accordingly.

Business Partner Voices is the official IBM PartnerWorld blog. Our goal is to deliver relevant and highly targeted content that is unavailable elsewhere to the IBM Business Partner audience. Blogs that include video content, slides and graphics, and other forms of visual content are also highly encouraged.

Acceptance of proposals and blogs is at the sole discretion of the Business Partner Voices editorial team. Submissions are evaluated by our editorial team for informational value, timeliness and quality. They may be edited for length, clarity, tone and audience appeal. Submissions that are of a purely promotional or commercial nature will not be accepted. IBM reserves the right to reject any submitted content for any reason, or no reason. Business Partner Voices and IBM reserve the right to review or request changes to all submissions.

Once a blog is approved for publication, we will need a head shot and a brief (two-sentence) bio to add you as a contributor to the site. You may at that time also submit a relevant graphic (or graphics) to be used as the hero image or for inclusion in the body copy. It is also possible to embed a video, and providing a drive-to link at the end for further engagement is encouraged.

We very much appreciate the time that’s required to prepare a blog proposal. However, because of the volume of inquiries we receive, we may not be able to respond to each one, but we do read them all and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.