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ANALYTICS Generating Demand Transformation Worldwide

IBM Analytics Cognitive Solutions: Recommendations and tools to help you close more deals

It’s been a terrific year—and as we are all laser-focused on closing the year strong so our results reflect your herculean efforts, I want to share my thoughts and recommendations from the road. From the opening of the new Watson Experience center in San Francisco to partner meetings throughout Asia and Latin America, I see our growth opportunities with Cognitive Solutions and Watson now accelerating at light speed and I’m excited to be on this journey with you. Our use cases are growing exponentially, from putting all case law at lawyers’ fingertips, to assisting doctors in diagnosing cancer and appropriate treatments, to providing sentiment analysis from social media to retailers. Our team is committed to helping you close the year solidly and speeding up your new skills and solutions development efforts to position us for a fast start in 2017. The following recommendations and support are available from my team in a few areas.

First, one suggestion I’ve heard from several partners that have successfully joined us on the journey to become a cognitive business is to start experimenting with the Watson APIs to solve one client’s business problem and then replicate it. A popular “use case” to increase the size of your opportunities and customer satisfaction is with a chatbot through the Watson Conversation API. Jump in and learn to create a Watson chatbot this quarter.

Next, if you weren’t able to participate in the webcast “IBM World of Watson and Cognitive Industry Solutions comes to you” on November 29, 2016, register and watch the recording. We share new product announcements from the IBM World of Watson conference, along with highlights of Q4 Sales Plays and incentives you can use to help close December sales. One of the announcements in Q4 to help you progress Cognitive Solutions is the new Planning Analytics Local. Previously only available on cloud, for clients demanding hybrid solutions, the combination of Planning Analytics on Cloud with the new on-premises version of Planning Analytics lets you deliver the right solution for every client. We recently spoke to Jeetu Lakhotia, CEO of Locus Solutions, for his perspective on the value of the product. He shared: “The biggest benefit we see from our customers is they can install the latest version on their on-premises platforms and upgrade their systems now and get it all working today. Then when they are ready, they can switch it all over to the cloud since it’s the same software.” So talk to every TM1 customer today and use the new Q4 sales play and enablement to save up to 75 percent on Workspace upgrades to Planning Analytics Local.

One of our biggest competitive differentiators is our portfolio of offerings across analytics, predictive and cognitive solutions areas, including on-premises and SaaS options. To help you transform your business to deliver the right SaaS solutions to your clients and close more deals yet this quarter, take advantage of Cognitive Solutions SaaS content on PartnerWorld. We created this content to help you find the right assets to position the cloud versions of our offerings to your clients, so you can win the business and they can implement new cloud solutions quickly, securely and at a lower cost.

Finally, as you drive to close your 2016 sales, remember that clients can take advantage of IBM financing options. These types of options may be the difference-maker that enables your client to green-light your solution and get started now. Use IBM Global Financing payment deferral options to close every deal, including stretch opportunities—and don’t forget, you can use IGF for SaaS opportunities as well.

Thank you again for your ongoing investment in IBM Watson and Cognitive Industry Solutions. Let’s continue to keep our communications open.

Call to Action:

  1. Review the new Q4 2016 Cognitive Solutions Sales Plays on PartnerWorld.
  2. Register for the webcast and watch the recording: “IBM World of Watson and Cognitive Industry Solutions comes to you.”
  3. Use the Cognitive Solutions SaaS content on PartnerWorld.
  4. Check out the new Roadmap to Cognitive Business Partner guide in PartnerWorld today.

Let’s continue to dominate as we collectively evolve our businesses, lead in client success and never look back!

Amy Lewis,
Worldwide Business Partners Sales and Ecosystem Development for Cognitive Solutions

Amy Lewis, Director, Worldwide Business Partners Sales and Ecosystem Development for Watson Financial Services Solutions, Industry Platforms, is responsible for Business Partner Channels growth strategy, go-to-market planning and sales for Watson Financial Services Industry Platforms. Ms. Lewis has over 18 years of leadership experience in consulting, business analytics and performance management enterprise software industries. She joined IBM through the Cognos acquisition in 2008, where she was Director, Global Financial Performance Management, Business Partner Channels.

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