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ANALYTICS Generating Demand Infrastructure Transformation Worldwide

IBM Analytics: New incentives and strategies to generate cloud revenue

A hot topic for me and my team with you, our Business Partners, is how to build a renewable revenue stream with a cloud strategy as a new component of every business model. Ginni Rometty shared IBM’s transformation update at the beginning of the year: we will be the Cognitive Solutions and Cloud Platform company. The analysts, our clients and stockholders agree this strategy is working. IBM’s on the right track with cloud revenue (public, private and hybrid) increasing by 34 percent in Q1. And many of our Business Partners are already reaching new clients and business users across industries with new self-service, cloud-based analytics offerings, reimagining the user experience and transforming businesses.

To help you build a lucrative cloud strategy IBM increased the software-as-a-service (SaaS) incentives for resellers as of May 1. We get it; SaaS is sold differently than on-premise products and we are investing to pay our partners for landing new SaaS deals, activating users and continuing to invest in long-term relationships with clients. After all, you’re the trusted advisor for your clients and we want to improve cloud offering sales and support incentives to ensure a recurring revenue stream for both of us. Please read about the new incentives today and send me your feedback.

Let me share an example of how DataClarity, an IBM Business Partner in North America, has been growing its business with a cloud strategy. DataClarity DashInsight TM is an innovative platform that deploys analytics to everyone with an elegant, customizable user experience built on the IBM Analytics Platform. By continuing to innovate DashInsight to deliver web and mobile apps in the cloud, the company now has a one-of-a-kind solution helping build its stream business and generating millions in revenue. And it gets better: IBM is now actively positioning DashInsight with our clients as an upsell of our IBM Analytics solutions. The path forward is clear to every Business Partner with a solution—continue to innovate and transform key solutions to leverage a SaaS delivery model.

So how will you build your annuity stream to stay in business? IBM has invested in delivering cloud versions of most of our IBM Cognitive Solutions and Analytics Platform offerings, and IBM resellers selling the on-premises version of the products should take advantage of the new incentives to sell the cloud version of the same products where clients require a cloud or hybrid model solution. Another recommendation is to talk with your value-added dealer (VAD) and work with your Business Partner representative (BPR) for help in building a plan to start growing your cloud business. Many of the VADs are investing in developing fast-start cloud offerings programs for their resellers. Listen to Avnet, Arrow and Ingram Micro describe how they are working with resellers in North America to help them start making money with SaaS.

Call to action:

  • Talk to your VAD and BPR for assistance in building a cloud strategy. Watch the video as VADs and our partners describe their strategy to deliver cloud solutions.
  • Attend a face-to-face Business Partner Transformation Executive Workshop or a virtual workshop for help building your strategy.
  • Review the new SaaS incentives and build your cloud strategy for this year.
  • Review the strategic IBM Analytics Cognitive Q2 Sales Plays to update your business plan today!


If you have any questions or need additional help, contact Eric Van Beijnhem [email protected]. And let me know what you think by using the comments feature below.

Amy Lewis
Worldwide Business Partners Sales and Ecosystem Development for Cognitive Solutions

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Amy Lewis, Director, Worldwide Business Partners Sales and Ecosystem Development for Watson Financial Services Solutions, Industry Platforms, is responsible for Business Partner Channels growth strategy, go-to-market planning and sales for Watson Financial Services Industry Platforms. Ms. Lewis has over 18 years of leadership experience in consulting, business analytics and performance management enterprise software industries. She joined IBM through the Cognos acquisition in 2008, where she was Director, Global Financial Performance Management, Business Partner Channels.

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