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IBM et Tectrade: Zéro jour exploite la demande zéro réponses jour

The issues of cybersecurity and data protection continue to be big news. In the digital economy, data has become every business’ most valuable asset. But when the worst happens, there is a harsh reality that the enterprise must address quickly and with a minimum of disruption—recovering data that has been subject to attack and ensuring its continued availability.

Recent research from Forrester shows that over the past 12 mois, more than half of global enterprises reported that they had experienced some kind of cybersecurity breach.*

“Many clients focus on stopping breaches in the first place,” Says Paul Cameron, Sales Director of IBM Business Partner Tectrade. “But from our point of view, the cybersecurity challenge is not so much a question of ‘if’ but of ‘when’ a breach will happen.”

The partnership between IBM and Tectrade goes back over 20 années. Originally a traditional reseller for what is now IBM’s Spectrum Protect portfolio, Tectrade expanded into managed data protection and recovery services over a decade ago. Aujourd'hui, the company has a large UK, European and US customer base, avec plus de 130 petabytes of data protected 24×7 through its Helix Protect managed services program.

“We address a client’s individual requirements,” says Mr Cameron, “by analysing their data and showing them what the outcome of a security breach might look like. Typically, technology won’t come into the discussion until the third or fourth meeting. It’s about getting the policies, the people and the processes in place to support the client’s need.”

Tectrade does the majority of its business with IBM, not just because of the capabilities of the IBM Spectrum Protect suite, but also because of the credibility and assurance that the IBM brand brings to discussions with clients.

“When you look at market validation, IBM is squarely the provider of choice. We find that while there isn’t always a great awareness of Spectrum Protect as a brand, everyone has a perception of IBM.”

The latest chapter in Tectrade’s story takes data protection to a new level, enabling clients to address the growing threat of zero day exploits.

A zero day exploit takes advantage of a previously unknown vulnerability which, because it is unknown, has no available patches or signatures to defend against it.

As Tectrade Marketing Director Marie Clutterbuck explains in her recent blog, this type of attack is almost impossible to detect and it’s growing more common. The threat of ransomware using zero day exploits is expected to rise from one per week in 2015 to one per day by 2021, according to analyst reports.

“The cybersecurity industry is doing its best to defend against this kind of attack but the truth is, how do you defend against the unknown? We find that our zero day recovery proposition is a very strong one in the market,” says Ms Clutterbuck. “It gives clients the confidence to know that when the worst does happen, they have the assurance of being up and running again with a minimum of fuss.”

Andrew Davidson,
Communications canal, L'Europe

* La source: Forrester. “Top Cybersecurity Threats in 2018.” https://www.forrester.com/report/Top+Cybersecurity+Threats+In+2018/-/E-RES137206

Andrew Davidson dirige les communications pour une entreprise de canal en Europe d'IBM. Avec plus de 20 années d'expérience à raconter des histoires sur l'innovation technologique et la façon dont elle façonne notre monde, Andrew aide IBM et ses partenaires commerciaux pour partager la façon dont ils travaillent ensemble pour accroître la valeur client.

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