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Исполнительный перспектива Инфраструктура Во всем мире

Стратегия оптимизации данных: IBM объявляет накопитель на магнитной ленте LTO-8 Ultrium

Стратегия оптимизации данных: IBM объявляет накопитель на магнитной ленте LTO-8 Ultrium

Лента играет все более важную роль, защищая данные ваших клиентов от хакеров, вредоносные программы и вымогатели

The world’s unstructured data is exploding. This growth is being driven by mobile and social, искусственный интеллект, большие данные, Аналитика, the Internet of Things (IoT) and a wide range of scientific and commercial data-gathering activities. По оценкам IDC, что 2025 there will be upward of 180 zettabytes of data in the world, representing a huge opportunity for IBM Business Partners!

Given this incredible growth in our customers’ oceans of data, a disciplined data optimization strategy is required. An effective data optimization strategy enables your customers to manage their current capacity and growth requirements, meet their performance SLAs, protect their data for the long haul, and meet their data retention and regulatory requirements. Providing the most scalable and cost-effective storage solution in the world, IBM tape plays a critical role in any storage infrastructure.

In addition to data optimization, data protection and disaster recovery solutions are needed by every enterprise on the planet. This makes them critical elements in every Business Partner’s portfolio. IBM has been #1 in IDC’s Branded Tape Revenue Share since 2006. (1)

Tape also plays an increasingly important role in protecting your customers’ data from hackers, вредоносные программы и вымогатели. Security is top of mind with every customer. As recently noted in a Wall Street Journal статья в сентябре 17, 2017, there is a “steady resurgence of tape as part of best-practice backup strategies” and the tape medium “has big advantages over other forms of storage—including a higher reliability rate than hard drives and a lifespan in excess of 30 лет. The total cost of ownership per terabyte is also the lowest of any storage medium. Top-of-the-line tapes can hold up to 15 terabytes and can be archived in third-party locations at a fraction of the cost of cheapest cloud-storage solutions.”

There is a renaissance of tape taking place today and it is only an IBM story! Our announcement of the Linear Tape Open Ultrium 8 Tape drive (LTO-8) builds on our 65-year heritage of tape innovation and continues our marketplace leadership. This announcement will offer our IBM Business Partners even more competitive advantages in the data protection, data availability, data reliability and data security markets.

The new IBM LTO-8 Tape drive becomes the latest member of the IBM LTO Tape portfolio. This new solution will drive great benefits for your customers with its support for:

  • 12 TB tape media cartridges—substantially driving down the cost of backup and archiving with a 2x increase when compared with LTO-7
  • Data rate of up to 360 MB/sec—reducing the impact of backup and archiving on software SLAs and server infrastructure with a 20 percent improvement over LTO-7
  • Full support for Spectrum Archive (LTFS)—dramatically simplifying archiving and restoration
  • Full integration into IBM’s industry-leading tape automation solutions—giving your customers the right tool for the right job

LTO-8 is the ideal solution for customers seeking long-term storage retention that can be utilized within their existing infrastructure designs, and expands customers’ ability to leverage the lowest-cost ownership of tape in cloud, Аналитика, genomics, big data and hyper-scale data center use cases.

Given what is happening in the tape marketplace, there has never been a better time to talk to your customers about their data retention requirements and IBM tape. The new LTO-8 makes the IBM story even more compelling. This is our space and it is up to all of us to capitalize on this compelling solution that easily translates into lower CapEx and OpEx, and better data availability.

To get a full overview of this new backup/recovery and archive solution, I encourage you to review the following sales and marketing collateral:

For more information about the IBM LTO-8 Tape drive, слушать трансляция переигровка. Вы можете также препятствовали мне знать что вы думаете, используя функцию комментарии ниже.

Eric Herzog (@zoginstor)
Вице-президент, Маркетинг и управление продуктами
Вице-президент, Во всем мире для хранения каналов
Системы хранения данных IBM

(1) IDC Custom Tape Report, 2H’16

Eric Херцог — вице-президент, Маркетинг и президент управления и заместителя, Во всем мире для хранения Каналы для IBM Storage Systems и Software Defined инфраструктуры. Обязанности Эрика включают мировой маркетинг продуктов и управление для наград семейства IBM для систем хранения данных, программное обеспечение определено хранения, интегрированная инфраструктура, и программное обеспечение вычислительных определяется, а также ответственность за глобальные каналы хранения. Herzog имеет более 30 лет по управлению продуктами, маркетинг, развитие бизнеса, союзы, продажи, и каналы, опыт в программном обеспечении для хранения, устройства хранения данных, и хранения решения рынки, Управление всеми аспектами маркетинга, управление продуктом, продажи, союзы, каналы, развитие и бизнес в обоих фортуны 500 и старт-ап компании хранения. Herzog держит B.A. степень по истории в Университете Калифорнии, Дэвис, где он окончил с отличием, учился в направлении M.A. степень в китайской истории, и был членом Хонор Сосайети Phi Альфа Theta.

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