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IBM Business Analytics est un gagnant

IBM Business Analytics est un gagnant

L'importance de la Manche Compagnie de CRN ARC Award à IBM et IBM Business Analytics

The success of every enterprise depends on flourishing business partnerships. The health of IBM’s relationships with our Business Partners was recently praised by The Channel Company’s 2017 CRN Annual Report Card Award, a prestigious honor gleaned from a comprehensive survey of solution provider satisfaction across product innovation, support and partnership for hardware, services and software vendors. IBM took the top prizes for Enterprise Network Storage and Business Analytics.

This resounding vote of confidence confirms—and reaffirms—IBM’s commitment to the success of our Business Partners. Measuring partner satisfaction using questions that discern which issues are most important to vendors, the CRN ARC survey ranked IBM highest in categories Business Partners identified as vital to their success. Of the nearly 20 catégories, IBM earned the highest marks in the areas of Product Compatibility & Ease of Integration, Services Opportunity, and most dramatically, in the area that was most important to vendors, Revenue and Profit Potential.

How does the 2017 CRN ARC award reflect on IBM’s flagship Business Analytics brands? The best answers are illustrated by examples of game-changing business transformations our clients derive from IBM Business Analytics products and services, in the areas that Business Partners identified as most important for their business achievement.

At WestJet, whose innovative corporate culture has made it one of Canada’s most acclaimed carriers, IBM Cognos Analytics enabled the company to improve decision-making by providing timely data on flights, guests and luggage; reduce time to insight by empowering users to build new dashboards for themselves; and accelerate innovation by freeing the company’s BI team from routine report-writing tasks. The ease of use of IBM Cognos solutions enabled WestJet to delegate tasks previously embargoed within the province of IT, empowering employees close to the day-to-day workings of the company’s operations to analyze and solve operational challenges more quickly.

A large tier 1 research university with more than 50,000 students, Michigan State University (MSU) uses IBM Cognos Analytics, SPSS Predictive Analytics and Watson Analytics solutions to understand how best to identify, approach and encourage potential donors. Fundraisers use predictive analytics to uncover patterns in data, gain predictive accuracy and improve decision-making about which donors and alumni are most likely to offer their valuable resources and time. And the MSU solution demonstrates how institutions can use Business Analytics software as a stepping-stone to cognitive computing. MSU gained the ability to ask questions about data using the natural language processing capabilities of Watson Analytics software to query the volumes of unstructured data sources, including vast troves of alumni and stakeholder records and social media data. Using the cognitive capabilities of Watson Analytics, MSU gained critical insight into the engagement, sentiments and behavior of current and potential donors.

Try Cognos Analytics, learn what’s new et view Cognos Analytics customer testimonials. Comme toujours, we look forward to your comments and suggestions—let us know what you think by using the comments feature below.

Jacqueline Woods (@ jacwoods2020)
Chief Marketing Officer, IBM Global Business Partners

Laurie Evans (@lolobevans)
Vice Président, Les ventes dans le monde entier numérique et le canal, Business Analytics



En savoir plus sur The Channel Company’s CRN ARC Award, le significance of this honor to IBM et IBM Business Analytics.

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Jacqueline Woods est directeur du marketing, IBM Global Business Partners. Elle conduit les efforts de marketing dans le monde entier autour de l'activité de canal d'IBM, en mettant l'accent sur la croissance dynamique de partenaire commercial IBM Cloud et technologies cognitives.

Laurie Evans est vice-président de Worldwide Business Partner numérique et commerciale, Analytique, Cloud hybride d'IBM. Elle est responsable de la stratégie Business Partner et de l'exécution des ventes dans le monde entier. L'équipe de Laurie conduit la direction stratégique de tous les types partenaires d'affaires, y compris VADs, Revendeurs, Partenaires SaaS, Éditeurs de logiciels, Projets de moyenne envergure, Et CSPs SEEE. Laurie a récemment rejoint IBM et a plus 24 années d'expérience dans la vente directe et canal, OEM et Alliances.

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