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Бизнес-партнеры Пользователи Сообщений Опыт партнера Talent РЕШЕНИЯ Во всем мире

Бизнес-партнер IBM Прожектор: Решения Zelle человеческих ресурсов на перепродажу IBM Talent Management Solutions

Reselling IBM Talent Management Solutions proved to be a key strategic move for our firm. Для одной вещи, our client base has grown—we now service 6 percent more clients each month as opposed to last year, and our goal is to grow client spend and size. Compared to last year, we are trending to end the year 57 percent above where we ended last year in terms of total revenue from IBM. Hopefully our story will inspire you to do the same!

Сегодня, finding the right employees is a big challenge—it’s more than just posting a job and reading all the resumes that are submitted. It is about finding the right talent with the right skills, demonstrable knowledge and personality that fits with your corporate culture and customers. The HR field has started to change from the traditional mindset to non-traditional, and having the right talent is instrumental in every company’s success.

Zelle Human Resource Solutions is an IBM Business Partner who resells IBM Talent Management Solutions and received the 2017 IBM Business Partner Excellence Award for being the most successful Business Partner in North America.

Zelle Human Resource Solutions is in the business of non-traditional HR. Выгоды, payroll and compensation are essential functions to any Human Resource department, but essential functions are not going to drive your company’s success. A Human Resources department could be much more than payroll and benefits, and should be an indispensable part of every company. Leadership development, employee and manager trainings, process and procedure reviews, culture assessments, succession planning, Поиск талантов; these are just a few functions of a non-traditional Human Resource department that many companies are lacking.

Once you hire an employee you must provide training through an onboarding process, identify and develop their natural talents and abilities with assessments, provide training and development opportunities for growth, create a positive culture with open communication and much more. The workforce is seeing rapid turnover rates with the Millennial generation because they are always looking for the next best thing. To retain employees, you must provide them with the growth and development they want and need to flourish in their position and within your organization. Having things such as non-traditional reviews, organizational charts and succession plans will show employees you are investing in their success and not limiting the opportunities that could be available to them.

Основан в 2013, Zelle is comprised of Human Resource professionals with a combined 30 years of experience in the HR field, and has three business lines—HR Consulting, Recruiting and Staffing, and our IBM Business Partnership.

      • We provide assessments to evaluate skills, traits and job fit and can be plugged into a company’s existing recruiting process to help delve into candidates’ skills, abilities and behaviors.
      • Our recruiting division helps clients find the right talent. We find top talent in the industry and spend time interviewing and getting to know them, so we can find the best fit for a company’s culture. We look for the person who has the experience, knowledge and desire to grow themselves and the company.
      • Our HR Consulting division is designed to help develop and grow each employee. Our team of consultants helps create these processes and trainings by customizing them to each company’s needs.

Our goal with all of our clients is to provide a top-of-the-line service experience and help discover other ways to further their internal initiatives with the tools we have through IBM as well as those we have developed in house. When you provide the proper tools and resources for your employees, your company will be more efficient, effective and ultimately employ happier people.

Ханна Engelbrecht
Директор по операциям и партнерства, Zelle Решение по управлению персоналом

Hannah Engelbrecht is the Director of Operations and Partnerships for Zelle Human Resource Solutions.

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