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Campagne de publicité IBM Cloud lors du tournoi de Golf Masters

Pour vous aider à démarrer des conversations de client

IBM Cloud is the platform for Cognitive Business. That’s the story we’re telling in a series of four new TV spots featuring client stories, premiering during the Masters Golf Tournament from April 8 par le biais 10, 2016. This is a tremendous opportunity for IBM Business Partners and distributors to use our new ad campaign to start or expand conversations with customers, leading to opportunity progression and closed deals.

Get familiar with the IBM Cloud ads here.

  • The IBM Cloud: Designed for Data

In the IBM Cloud, businesses are able to access different kinds of data, such as weather or social data, and combine that with their own company data. When this data comes together, businesses can do things such as better predict demand, adjust pricing models and maximize savings. That’s what the IBM Cloud was built for.

  • The IBM Cloud: Spotlight on Dark Data

Eighty percent of data is “dark data,” meaning it’s invisible and not easily usable to businesses. With IBM Watson™ in the IBM Cloud, businesses can see dark data and put it to work. Businesses can get more out of their data because that’s what the IBM Cloud was built for.

  • The IBM Cloud: Built for Transformation

The IBM Cloud is enabling established businesses to act like startups. Banking customers are able to build mobile apps that can handle millions of transactions and be updated quickly and securely. The IBM Cloud was built to help businesses innovate.

  • The IBM Cloud: Ready For New Business Models

Aujourd'hui, industries are transforming at incredible speeds. Avec le Cloud IBM, car-sharing service Car2Go swiftly expanded to 29 cities around the world. The IBM Cloud was built to enable rapid, global growth.

Start talking with your clients about IBM solutions presented in the ads using our Conversation Guide.

The Masters is one of the most-watched sporting events by business decision-makers. That’s why IBM is putting extra effort into making its Cloud capabilities known. Take advantage of our investment by spreading the word about our solutions to your customers. Vous pouvez également me laisser savoir ce que vous pensez à l'aide de la fonctionnalité de commentaires ci-dessous.

David Wilson
Vice-président-Business Partners/canal Innovation, IBM Cloud

David Wilson est Vice Président, Partenaires commerciaux IBM Cloud et canal Innovation. Dans ce rôle, David est responsable de tous les aspects de l'IBM Global Cloud Business Partner Network à travers l'unité d'affaires IBM Cloud et la société IBM plus large, y compris les offres IaaS IBM (SoftLayer, etc.) Offres PaaS (BlueMix, etc.), Offres Mobile (Lampe de travail, etc.) et IBM 100+ Offres SaaS. Il a des responsabilités de fonction d'affaires pour les ventes de canal IBM Cloud (revendre, ASL/OEM, distribution, influence), gestion du programme, activation/support technique, alliances et développement des affaires.

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