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WOLKE Exekutive Perspektive Partner-Erfahrung Weltweit

IBM-Cloud ist "Open for Business". . . Heute mehr denn je

When I was appointed IBM’s leader of Cloud Business Partners and Channel Innovation earlier this year, my first priority was to meet with as many of you as possible. Three months later, I can truly attest to the enthusiasm and desire you have to team with us. As important, I want you to know how absolutely essential you are to IBM’s cloud strategy.

My job is make sure you have what you need to succeed with our mutual clients: a robust set of IBM Cloud offerings, simplified processes, top-notch training and world-class support . . . all to assure you that IBM-Cloud is “open for business” through you, our valued Business Partners and Distributors.

Erste, you’ve shared your concerns with me about our SoftLayer Reseller Agreement. To address this, we’re making changes to the agreement’s indemnification language that modify the downstream indemnification requirement. This will eliminate the key barrier you identified to working with our IaaS offerings.

You’ve also asked to be able to resell IBM Bluemix™, our industry-leading PaaS offering. Also, we’re making changes to not only enable you to resell Bluemix but to sell it for embedded-use cases as well. That way, you can use Bluemix to create applications and services that you bring to market.

Another move we’re making is to introduce a multi-tier Business Partner competency that delivers new benefits matched to different levels of Business Partner investment and demonstrated market success. It will include skills certifications to help deliver the highest level of quality services to our mutual clients—something many of you have asked for. We’ll also reward Business Partners that commit to the highest levels of investment and demonstrate market success with benefits such as on-site training, enhanced sales, technical and marketing support and account pass eligibility.

It’s both a privilege and a pleasure to work with so many creative, client-focused Business Partners. I know from experience what you’re capable of delivering when you have the right tools. When it comes to cloud innovation and growth, I have no doubt that together we will succeed.

Be sure to bookmark and provide your feedback in the comment section below. Ich freue mich zu hören von Ihnen.

David Wilson

David Wilson ist Vice President, IBM-Cloud-Business-Partner und Channel-Innovation. In dieser Rolle, David ist verantwortlich für alle Aspekte des Partner-Netzwerks von IBM Global Cloud Business über die IBM-Cloud-Business-Unit und breiteren IBM corporation, einschließlich IBMs IaaS-Angebote (SoftLayer, und so weiter.) PaaS-Angebote (BlueMix, und so weiter.), Mobile-Angebote (Arbeitslampe, und so weiter.) und IBMs 100+ SaaS-Angebote. Er hat Geschäft Funktion Aufgaben für IBM-Cloud-Channel-Vertrieb (zu verkaufen, ASL/OEM, Verteilung, Einfluss), Programm-management, Aktivierung/Kundendienst, Allianzen und Business development.

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    Ian Knight

    These changes are, I am sure going to be much appreciated by our Business Partners.
    The changes address SoftLayer and Bluemix; what about the rest of our Cloud portfolio? We have many other solutions delivered via SaaS and the programs used for our partners really need some work to make them more inclusive and attractive for our partners. Through the introduction of new acquisitions we see new partner types from new sectors, our Business Partner programs need to be flexible enough for us to respond better to new business models and at the same time allow our Distributors to participate. Is any work being done in this area, if so when might we expect to see the results and how can we engage?


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