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Generating Demand Partner Experience Worldwide

Marketing automation? Yes please!

By now you have probably heard about IBM Digital Content Marketing (DCM), but I bet you don’t know all of the tips and tricks that make it a super-useful IBM PartnerWorld benefit. Even if you don’t play a marketing role, be sure that your company is registered for IBM DCM.

I hear many people say they use DCM to download assets. Yes, it’s great for that! But, did you know that DCM is also a powerful marketing automation platform? Last month I wrote a blog post all about getting the most out of DCM by using our partner-ready campaigns, but there are so many great ways to use the platform. And if you aren’t familiar with marketing automation, here is a great LinkedIn primer to get up to speed.

Marketing automation platforms can be an expensive subscription, but did you know that DCM, which is a no-charge PartnerWorld benefit, is also a marketing automation platform? Yep, that’s right, you can do automated marketing activities right in DCM. We give you the magic sauce I mentioned in the blog last month with tried-and-tested campaigns from IBM subject-matter experts, but you can also create your own campaigns right in the platform. Sure, you’ll need to get up to speed, but we have lots of training videos on our YouTube channel plus we offer monthly webinars and office hours if you need help.

For our IBM Business Partners already using marketing automation (MA) tools such as Hubspot and Pardot, you can still take advantage of many of the IBM DCM features while using them in the platform where you normally do your marketing. For these MA platforms, we have app connectors that will port email and campaign information right into your account once you get set up.

Just about every company uses a CRM for its customer contacts and leads. And DCM also has app connectors for Salesforce, Sugar and Zoho, to name a few.

Interested in learning more about these app connectors? Join us on January 24 for the first of our 2019 webinar series to learn about the benefits of integrating your CRM or Marketing Automation System with DCM. We will cover how to link accounts, pass content and effectively integrate two systems so you can get the most out of the IBM DCM benefit while working within your tool of choice.

You can sign up for DCM here, and register for the January 24 webinar here.

Lisa Friedrich
Digital Marketing Programs Manager
WW Ecosystem Marketing
IBM Partner Ecosystem

Lisa Friedrich, Digital Marketing Programs Manager for the IBM Partner Ecosystem, has been a passionate advocate for elevating the Digital Content Marketing (DCM) program to better serve the IBM Business Partner community. In this role she uses her extensive strategic marketing and digital background to continually improve the business partner experience for the DCM program.

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