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ANALYTICS Watson Em todo o mundo

IBM Analytics incorporado ajuda decisioned melhorar o desempenho escolar com insights baseados em dados

IBM Analytics is collaborating with DecisionEd—a leader in K-12 data and performance management solutions—to help empower school districts, giving them the quantitative decision tools long used in the business arena yet tailored to the unique needs of educators. By providing a complete, easy-to-understand view of every metric available, DecisionEd enables schools to make more-informed decisions and ultimately help children attain their educational goals.

The IBM Embedded Analytics program has given DecisionEd a customized business model that matches how the company goes to market. A dedicated team from IBM shares current advancements in analytics technologies and helps make sure the partnership evolves as the DecisionEd business evolves. The IBM Analytics platform provides DecisionEd with the capabilities needed to help its school district customers focus on important analytics without spending costly time compiling data from multiple systems.

The DecisionEd solution is built on a data warehouse that houses aggregated data from more than 10 different source systems used by school districts, including assessments, student information, staff records, financials and more. IBM Cognos Analytics provides DecisionEd customers with engaging dashboards and a 360-degree view of students, the school, the curriculum and programs. IBM SPSS Modeler is part of the DecisionEd Early Warning System, which looks across data from multiple systems and multiple risk categories, applying predictive and data mining techniques to identify students who might be at risk for not graduating.

One DecisionEd client, the Tuscaloosa City Schools (TCS), needed to address its low graduation rates, which for one school was as low as 46 por cento. TCS looked to DecisionEd to help reverse this trend.

DecisionEd helped TCS unlock its data silos to identify at-risk students and determine where grade performance declined and dropouts occurred. School administrators could then drill into why this was happening and create corrective actions.

In three short years after implementing the DecisionEd solution, TCS increased graduation rates from 69 Para 81 por cento, and reduced dropouts from 111 Para 36. The high school for which graduation rates had dropped to 46 percent increased to 80 por cento.

The next step in the DecisionEd analytics journey involves Watson Analytics. The company will soon be releasing its next generation of analytics-based offerings.

As a part of that dedicated team, I am excited to see the tremendous success DecisionEd is having in its market and to see the effect it is having on the students who will shape the world in the future. To learn more about DecisionEd solutions, Visite: http://decisioned.com.

Have Embedded Analytics opportunities? Contact me, Chris Tyler, and also visit the IBM website Analytics incorporados to explore how you can collaborate with IBM Analytics.

Chris Tyler,
Senior Embedded Analytics Architect

Chris Tyler é um incorporado arquiteto sênior de análise com a IBM. Um líder de pensamento reconhecido e evangelista no campo, Chris traz mais de 25 anos de experiência de trabalho com a aplicação de soluções de análise para amplificar o impacto nos negócios e acelerar a velocidade para o mercado. Ele é um consultor confiável para inúmeros parceiros de análise embutidos que estão envolvidos na construção repetível, As soluções à base de análise.

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