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エグゼクティブの視点 世界的な

IBMは、名前付き #1 ストレージソフトウェア会社

IBM Storage is proud to be a leader in storage—in storage software, in storage arrays, in storage services. Our industry leadership is evidenced by our customers’ success at driving business value and optimizing business results, our speed of innovation, and the powerful results from the storage analyst community.

実際, IBM was just named the world’s #1 storage software vendor by revenue market share1IDC Worldwide Storage Software and Cloud Services QView, 4Q17. IDC is one of the leading storage analyst firms globally. Every segment of our storage portfolio has benefitted from major innovations over the past yearfrom new multi-cloud and container capabilities within our software-defined storage offerings to 3-dimensional flash chips and high performance data reduction within IBM FlashSystems solutions to the most modern of data protection solutions. I urge you to watch the Data Driven muti-cloud storage architecture video to learn how to help your customers develop and implement a flexible, modern and agile environment.

IBM will not rest on our recent laurels as the #1 Storage Software company in the 世界. We will continue to provide the best solutions for today’s digital businesses that are thriving in this data driven world. While IBM is the market leader in Storage Software, SDS, archiving, mainframe Storage, branded Tape and Analytics2, we will continue to push new technologies and solutions, such as NVMe, to expand your opportunity to increase your clients’ business value.

And IBM is fully committed to working with our channel. Just as we invest continually in expanding our award-winning storage portfolio, we want you to invest in your business. Your sales, education and marketing contributions all yield dramatically expanded revenue and profit.

Closing software sales is hard work that pays off. Every time a customer spends a dollar on IBM software, they spend an additional USD 21 on related software, インフラストラクチャ, サービス.

Would you be surprised to learn that Business Partners report that for every dollar they invest into their IBM practice they yield USD 9 of profit? A lucrative 9:1 ratio is hard to ignore.

ご存知のよう, achieving and maintaining your 認定 enables you to participate in the Competency Programs and is required for you to sell certain products. IBM certifications don’t just give you bragging rights and authorizations, they also make you money. Every dollar you spend on training yields $345 売り上げ高, a surefire recipe for your company’s success.

Be sure to take advantage of your co-marketing funds, as well as IBM’s own investment in marketing. IBM Business Partners that use their co-marketing funds drive 300 percent more revenue than those that leave the money on the table. It’s smart to spend IBM’s money to help generate leads and progress deals, while leveraging all the marketing money that IBM spends on campaigns, ウェブキャスト, digital/social marketing, trade shows, events and more. Not only invest with your own co-marketing funds, also get your prospects and existing clients to attend when IBM is doing a trade show or webinar or seminar. You’d be amazed at how much revenue that can help you generate and IBM is paying for that investment – a real win-win.

Are you coming to the Think 2018 or PartnerWorld at Think conferences, taking place next week in Las Vegas? もしそうなら, I invite you to join the IBM Storage Business Partner breakfast on Wednesday March 21 で 7:30am at the MGM in Studio 6. エド ・ ウォルシュ, General Manager IBM Storage, and I will outline how to drive revenue and market share growth with solutions-based storage infrastructure and storage software sales in a multi-cloud world. Just RSVP to [email protected] with the subject “Think breakfast”. Mark the numerous sessions focused on Storage Solutions on your calendar using the Think agenda builder and don’t forget to drop by the Storage area in the Modern Infrastructure Campus.

I look forward to seeing you in Vegas and hearing your ideas to accelerate IBM Storage business in 2018.

Eric ヘルツォーク @zoginstor
最高マーケティング責任者と副社長, 世界のストレージチャンネル
IBM ストレージ ・ システムおよびソフトウェア インフラストラクチャを定義




Footnote (1): IDC Worldwide Storage Software and Cloud Services QView, 4Q17 (8 3 月 2018). Dell Inc. and IBM were statistically tied in worldwide storage software market share due to a difference of one percent or less in the share of revenue for calendar 2017.

Footnote (2): IBM named a ”Leader” by Gartner, IDC, or both in 2016 または 2017 in markets served by IBM Spectrum Protect, IBM FlashSystem, IBMスペクトラムスケール, DS8880, IBMのクラウド・オブジェクト・ストレージ, Storwize and XIV. IDC Worldwide Storage Software and Cloud Services QView, 4Q17 (8 3 月 2018 ) as per footnote (1).

エリック・ヘルツォークは、最高マーケティング責任者と副社長であります, IBMストレージシステムとソフトウェア定義のインフラ整備に向けた世界的なストレージチャンネル. エリックの責任は、ストレージ・ソリューションのIBMの賞を受賞した家族のための世界的な製品マーケティングおよび管理、, ストレージ ・ ソフトウェア, 統合インフラストラクチャ, そしてソフトウェアは、コンピューティングの定義されました, だけでなく、グローバルストレージチャンネルの責任. ヘルツォークは終わっています 30 製品管理の年, マーケティング, ビジネス開発, アライアンス, 売り上げ高, ストレージソフトウェアにおけるチャンネルの経験と, ストレージ ・ ハードウェア, ストレージ ソリューション市場, マーケティングのすべての側面を管理します。, 製品管理, 売り上げ高, アライアンス, チャンネル, 両方フォーチュンにおける事業開発 500 ストレージのスタートアップ企業. ヘルツォークは、B.Aを保持しています. カリフォルニア大学からの歴史の中で学位, デイビス, 彼は優等で卒業どこ, M.Aに向けて研究. 中国の歴史の中で学位, そしてファイアルファシータのホーナー・ソサエティーのメンバーでした.

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