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ANALYTICS Perspectiva do executiva Watson Watson Construir série Em todo o mundo

IBM nomeado para CRN da 2018 Grande volume de dados 100 Lista

The amount of data being generated in our world is growing at an unprecedented rate. Technologies like AI, Muito, mobile and social are driving data complexity and even creating new forms and sources of data. This data comes from sensors, devices, vídeo, audio, networks, log files, transactional applications, Web, and social media—much of it generated in real time and on a very large scale.

Na IBM, we provide our partners with cutting-edge solutions so that they can help their clients collect, organize and analyze their complex data, turning it into valuable evidence-based insights that enable them to make smarter decisions. Those insights and decisions are where the competitive advantage lies for our partners and mutual customers.

I’m proud to announce that once again, this year IBM was named as one of the top 15 Coolest System and Platform Vendors in CRN’s Big Data 100 Lista. We were recognized for building our big data and analytics strategy around Watson technology, with products that include Watson Analytics, Watson IoT Platform and Watson Explorer.

CRN also called out our software, including Cognos Analytics for business analytics and reporting tasks, SPSS for statistical and predictive analysis, and the Db2 Big SQL, a hybrid SQL engine on Hadoop for connecting data across disparate data sources such as relational and NoSQL databases.

It is an honor to be recognized among CRN’s Big Data 100 for the IBM Cloud platform’s data-first architecture, analytics solutions and AI capabilities. We continue to help our IBM Business Partners unlock the power of data through initiatives like the Watson Desenvolver 2.0, a challenge that gives our partners the training, tools and mentorship they need to bring new AI solutions to market quickly.

The CRN Big Data 100 list recognizes vendors that bring innovative products and services to market that help business work with big data. Compilado por um painel de editores CRN, the Big Data 100 lista é dividida em quatro categorias: Analista de negócios, Data Science and Machine Learning, Big Data Systems and Platforms, and Data Management and Integration.

You can read more about IBM’s award-winning big data solutions on CRN at www.crn.com/bigdata100, ou saber mais sobre nossos produtos a https://www.ibm.com/analytics/.

For more information on the Watson Build 2.0, Visite https://www-356.ibm.com/partnerworld/wps/static/watsonbuild/.

John Teltsch
Gerente geral, IBM Global Business Partners

Como o gerente geral para a IBM Ecossistema de Parceiros, John Teltsch lidera a organização mundial que suporta mais de 160,000 Parceiros de negócios IBM. Ele se envolve com os parceiros de canal da IBM ao redor oportunidades emergentes na nuvem, Analytics, móveis, sistemas de, segurança e computação cognitiva.

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